Georgetown University Spring 2022 Transfer

Hi everyone! I just found out that there seems no thread about GU Spring 2022 Transfer info. Hope we can just share information here and help each out through this anxious time period.


I just got a question about the deadline for GU Sping 2022 Tranfer. I checked the official site and they said students who apply GU Fall 2021 Transfer or Spring 2022 Transfer should submit applications before March 1 2021 (which is passed already). I am pretty confused about that. Is that mean I dont have other chances to apply GU Spring 2022 Transfer? Is there any additional deadline specifically for GU Spring 2022 Transfer?

I am wondering the same thing. If you have any more information please let me know!

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They accepted transfer for Spring 2021 and I think they had a Nov 1 deadline for admissions. I wanted to apply for Spring 2022 as well and am unsure why this is the new policy. It royally screws me over as I am graduating from my CC a semester early this December and will not be given the chance to apply to Georgetown and numerous other schools due to not accepting transfers in the Spring. Those who applied in March 2021 for Spring 2022 just about hit the jackpot, I imagine that might be the easiest admission Georgetown will ever have.

Hey! I made a discord for all (Especially fall but open for everyone) 2022 transfers if anyone wants to join! There are also different chat rooms for different schools! Fall 2022 Transfers