Georgetown University Transfer - Fall 2021

What’s up everybody! I figured I’d start the forum for prospective transfers to Georgetown for the fall of 2021. Hopefully we can all help each other out in the process and be anxious together!

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Hi! Thanks for making this thread. I am applying to the College as a Political Economy major and you?

International politics. Where are you applying from?

Nice!! and like my state? Maryland!

Oh that’s great! I’m applying from NJ. Are you applying for your sophomore or junior year?

Junior year and you?

Sophomore. What school are you transferring from?

this thread seems much more quiet than previous years. does that mean less people are applying?

I was thinking the same thing. I’m wondering if less people will apply because they are waiting to see how the pandemic plays out and also maybe they want to spend another semester or two at their college to see what it’s like post-covid? Maybe I’m just reaching for something to make me less nervous lol.

What did you guys write for the skills/talents section? 3 of my friends who go to Gtown said they left it blank… not sure if I should fill it out

I’m definitely going to write something and probably in paragraph form. I’m not sure what skill yet but I’m sure filling it out, even if it’s just bullet points, will help more than hurt you. Not that leaving it blank will be used against you but I feel like it’s just a good opportunity to say something you didn’t say anywhere else in the application. I’ll let you know what I end up writing after I do it!

Hey all. I transferred last year as a sophomore into the College. The acceptance rate for 2020 was 6%. Does anyone have any questions for me?

Hello!! I was wondering if the application is due at 11:59 tonight or anytime on March 1. On the Georgetown website it says the deadline is March 1, so I am not sure if it is acceptable to submit materials tomorrow. I’m a bit worried because my professor has not submitted the Professor’s Report yet… do you think it would be acceptable if he submits it tomorrow? Thanks!

Hey y’all! I’m originally from CT and am a college sophomore, trying to transfer into my junior year.

June 1st just feels like a long time away from now, but I’m not trying to obsess over it. Wishing you all good luck!!

We should all hope for the best :slight_smile:

I agree - Best of luck everyone!!

hey guys I applied to transfer to the NHS- does anyone know if that’s any harder to get into than the other schools?

I went to a transfer info session about a month ago where they said all the schools have relatively the same acceptance rates. I think they said less kids apply to the NHS that’s why it may look like only a few get in, but really it’s proportional to how many apply. So based on what they said at the info session I wouldn’t worry about your chances being affected by the school you applied to :slight_smile: good luck !

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Hey y’all I am a freshman who applied for fall 2021 transfer. I was wondering if editing an essay from my supplement after the deadline would hurt my chances of admission. There’s just two words I want to add to the special skills essay that would make an analogy I made much more logical. There’s an edit form on the submission portal. Is it a bad idea?

I don’t think it is a bad idea. If you feel it will really help your application then I’d say to go for it. It doesn’t seem like a really big edit that would look bad to the admissions committee. I doubt they’ll even notice such a small edit of two additional words.

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I am just curious because in previous years, decisions have come out in waves, does anyone have an idea of when decisions will begin coming out? Or have they come out for some already?