Georgetown University Transfer - Fall 2021

i’m probs gonna do the same thing most likely tomorrow. i don’t see why it would affect ur admissions chances lol

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That’s a tough call. If I were either of you I would do my best to avoid contacting Georgetown if that’s your dream school. First contact the schools you’ve been accepted to and ask for an extension. The worst they can do is say no (and not have any impact on your admission since your already in). At that point talk to Georgetown and explain how other schools won’t give you an extension. Honestly, I feel like reaching out to Georgetown could be interpreted by them as a lack of patience, so reaching to other schools may be the way to go.

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I totally agree with you. I’m going to wait another week or so. I’d rather lose my deposit at the other school than hurt my chances at Georgetown.

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Ah i see thank you for your advice!

i highly doubt they would go from wanting to accept someone to not wanting to accept them anymore just from making a call

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If you have to get back to another school that you were already accepted to, then I would let Georgetown know so that you could get an early decision. I seriously doubt that they would reduce your chances of being accepted because you have to get back to another school about your decision. I wouldn’t overthink things, they will probably just tell you the decision you would have found out a few weeks later anyways.


hey guys, just to confirm, but Georgetown doesn’t require us to to submit any mid-term reports with our current grades for this semester, right? because i don’t remember seeing that as a requirement or an option, even, but i’m not 100% sure.



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Where did you get this info? I tried looking it up and couldn’t find it.

hey any updates?

Nothing for me

i didnt get anything but i heard someone got waitlisted

Did that person request an early read? Or just got a normal decision?

I think it would be super funny if letters have already gone out but none of them are in this forum. :joy:


Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to the people in admissions, nothing about transfers will be released until Mid-May.

Also, their FB and Twitter would announce the transfer news, which they have not posted anything regarding that.

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ooh i didn’t even think of that. i’ll ask them

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it was an early read


I asked for an early read and they said:

With over 2,650 applicants for about 75 offers of admission, you can see that we will not be able to admit many of the competitive and strong candidates in the applicant pool. In checking with the Admissions Committee, it is unlikely the Committee will be able to offer you either fall 2021 or spring 2022 transfer admission.

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Oh my word.

i’m really sorry about not getting accepted, i know or sucks but holy crap that’s a 2.8% acceptance rate!!! i thought they accepted wayyyy more people than that