Georgetown University Transfer - Fall 2021

oops the same… and I received the CALL program message too, which is weird. Hypothetically speaking, if anyone is really admitted to the program from this extended waitlist, could they go back to main campus as a Georgetown student after this CALL semester? I wonder that

and I also wonder if most people receive the CALL program info also

So actually from what the letter says I’m assuming a really small group of us got the offer. And yes, once you do the program this semester you automatically transition to the main campus in the fall.

I was also looking into CALL and it actually seems like a great opportunity. In terms of dorms the space is completely new as they’re building the dorms like right now. Hopefully this ends up going through but I believe that only transfers from this extended waitlist will be admitted to the CALL program. From what I was reading, CALL is only open to current GU students. Could be wrong though.

Did you get an offer for a specific like program in CALL or just like the general program?

how many people received a message about CALL? nothing is guaranteed at this point, right? it’s only if they have space in CALL?

CALL is the program where they tell you to go to classes on their city campus right?

pretty much, I think it’s an internship/classes