Georgetown University Transfer - Fall 2021

I sent in my transfer application on February 28 and had my interview March 8. I also have serious financial obligations so do you think it is worth it to email this week and ask for an early read?

They seem to b in the same situation as u and that’s the response they got. Should prob wait at least a week given the response they received

did anyone send in an unofficial copy of their transcript and have it checked off or did everyone use parchment

My interviewer told me that they just write a short reflection paper on what they felt of us after the interview. It’s more of a quick check on the values and personality components that we carry in the perspective of the alumni.

I think they probably just pushed it back (or have said to push it back) because they extended the deadline.

When did you contact them with your early read request? How long did it take them to reply?

I contacted them two days ago and they replied within 24 hours!

yea same it’s probably cus of that and cus of covid it may take longer to receive documents.

I am a midwest applicant who applied about a week before the deadline and still has not gotten an interview request. Are they still happening? Is this a bad sign?

I’m from the South and haven’t received an interview.

depends on alumni availability in ur area (even tho its zoom interviews they still pair based on geography)

Do decisions come to our application portal?
I applied with a 3.92 GPA from my current college. I have been out of high school for over 20 years. I had my interview last month. I’m excited to see if I have any shot in the world getting accepted. Good luck everyone!

RD decisions came via the portal, so I am assuming the transfer decisions will too.

guys my interviewer and I scheduled an interview for 1pm today but it’s half an hour past that and he still hasn’t reached out to me with a zoom link or anything what do I dooooo ahhhhh

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Reach out to the person who organizes the interview.

They provide u with an email to contact in case ur interviewer doesn’t respond

lol so i reached out to my interviewer and he told me the wrong day he meant today lmao

Does anyone know when we hear back about the decisions I’m mad stressed lol

Common data set lists June 1 as the notification date and commit date as June 15, not sure how accurate it is.

On last year’s fall transfer thread the first people to hear back posted on April 21st. Then it seemed like rolling decisions from there all the way till June 1st. So hopefully not too much longer!!