Georgetown VS Columbia GS for Vets

I was wondering if someone could shed light on the veteran/nontraditional student life at Georgetown compared to Columbia GS. I know Columbia has a substantial veteran/nontraditional presence on campus which is why I am currently leaning towards them although I haven’t heard anything about Georgetown. Being an older student (25) I would prefer to be on a more nontraditional campus that integrates mature/older students into the class setting (Columbia) although I feel as though I would enjoy the academics of Georgetown and the location/internship connections more. I know this is a taboo question but in terms of prestige how would Columbia GS rank to Georgetown? if anyone can share their thoughts on either school it would be greatly appreciated.

For the most part, Columbia as one of the stronger Ivy league schools has more “prestige” than Georgetown. In terms of international presence, Georgetown is a more recognizable name (perhaps even nationally or at least on the west coast). And if you are interested in foreign service or government, GU would also be better regarded. But even just going on the “prestige” question alone, the difference ain’t much–so if you see advantages to GU over Columbia, you should take a hard look at what you’re giving up. Most people would be very happy to have your decision!

Thanks for the insight

Be aware Columbia-GS as horrid financial aid and will saddle you with unnecessary debt. Look at Brown-RUE, and Yale-Eli Whitney for comparable programs that’ll actually cover your tuition with no-loan grants. GS is about the worst program out there from a top school financially for vets.

Also google: Service 2 School

@thestandard Not related to the thread, but I’m curious what S2S does? I submitted my transcript to them a while back and all they did was give me an email address of an ambassador. I didn’t have any questions regarding applications, so I didn’t really want to bug someone for no reason. From what I was told, S2S sends in a good word for vet applicants through a program called Vetlink? That’s what I’m interested in.

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