Georgetown vs. GaTech

<p>Hey I have a huge question about which school has the better Biochemistry program.</p>

<p>Also, which school and city has the best overall college experience bc I know that Atl is fun but what about DC?</p>

<p>What is also the job outlook for georgetown compared to Tech?</p>

<p>WOw, are you talking apples and oranges.
GU is a top, nationally renowned school with a wide range of academic strengths.
GaTech is at the top of its field in technology and engineering.
As to biochemistry specifically, I can't tell you which is better, but remember you're talking undergrad, not PhD (because at the latter level, I would suspect a material difference is more likely, and that GaTech has an edge).
As for which city, that is a completely subjective call. Both cities can be great, depending on the individual's tastes.</p>

<p>I would personally choose GATech for your particular major because I've heard that Georgetown is a bit weak in the hard sciences.</p>

<p>many ppl think gtech to be better for biochem but gtown is better (but i'm not saying it's in the top). Both schools don't have a strong emphasis in medicine. Check out the website here to view the stats: US</a> NRC Rankings in Biochemistry , Molecular Biology(Biochem, Molec Biol) 2007</p>

<p>I've read a post in yahoo about a gtech major who wants to do his phd in biochem and he got into 6 really top schools, including ivies such as Cornell, penn...blah blah. He maintained a 3.9 gpa there. I guess i will have to agree with WCAS that you don't really have to really freak out on this since you're only doing undergrad. For right now, focus on the location, hardship of the biochem of either school, and how much financial aid each one offers to you. That's the beauty of a biochem that they don't have to focus too early on things and rather just maintain that gpa to be included in top grad or phd schools.</p>

<p>Biochem is a solid major here, most of biochem majors I know are heading to Med School... can't comment on GaTech (but I imagine it's a huge school)...</p>