Georgetown waitlist Class of 2025

Does anyone have any stats, data, inside scoops or top secret info related to the waitlist situation this year?

is it possible to get admitted before may 1?

Any word on how many were waitlisted and how many they expect to admit?

Does it help to ask for an additional recommendation?

I’ve been searching. I can’t find any of this info.

Hi! Have some questions concerning the waitlist…

  1. Would an additional recommendation help? I’m weak in STEM and was thinking of asking my APES/Chem teacher for a rec to attest to my effort in the classes, but don’t want to annoy AOs.
  2. Is there any way to check your LOCI has been received and went through the portal properly?

Are you a STEM major?

Did anyone receive a confirmation after submitting the LOCI? I was looking through my portal and didn’t see any confirmation whatsoever.

No, I was just thinking that my low grades in STEM may have hurt my app

Nope, was wondering if there’s a way to check :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, they said they don’t know how many spaces are available until may 1

Is anyone planning on emailing an admissions officer to reiterate interest, outside of just submitting a LOCI? I was going to do this but can’t seem to find contact information for any of the regional AOs on the website :confused:

I wanted to as well but couldn’t find their contact info :confused: pretty sure this is because they don’t want these types of emails unfortunately

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Couple questions:

  1. Does Georgetown tend to allow more people from the NHS waitlist?

  2. I know this is a hard question to answer, but anyone know how highly they value recent accomplishments. I’ve had two significant developments in my extracurriculars so I’m hoping that helps.

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does Gtown stick to their words of looking at the waitlist during the first two weeks of May or do they start accepting people from the waitlist before May?

Does anyone get an email that says to confirm your spot on waitlist?

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Yep, my son just got it too!

My daughter got this too. I bet everyone got the email, but the silver lining is that it definitely seems like they’ll be moving to the waitlist this year. Good luck!

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Hopeful this is true, what makes you think they’ll be moving to waitlist?

I definitely don’t have a data set on this, but it seems to make logical sense to me. If they want to pare down the waitlist to those applicants who are still interested, then maybe they are anticipating going through those applications and don’t want to waste their time on kids who have moved on. That’s all.