Georgia honors/merit scholarship

<p>Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide: my daughter is a rising senior and for a variety of reasons, extremely interested in the UGa Honors Program and Animal science major. She is ranked in the top 4 students of almost 500 in a competitive public high school (in Pennsylvania), and her GPA is approximately 4.2 (weighted, which is about as good as you could be due to the number of honors/AP courses she was eligible to take). Her ACT, taken as a sophomore, was a 35. She has taken 5 AP courses (Chem, Eng Lang, Calc BC, US and World History), and gotten all A's and all 5's on her AP tests (except a 4 in World History). SAT2s include Math 2 (750), Literature (740), Chem (780), and Spanish (690). Long term, her career goal is to become a veterinarian, specializing in equine and equine sports medicine and surgery.</p>

<p>Her passion is equestrian, spending 20+ hours every week with training and competing in regional and national eventing competitions. She has done fairly well in eventing and Pony Club (HB/C3), and has won some awards. She has some other ECs as well, including Key Club and other community service involvement, but nothing remotely involved as this. Her recs and essays should be excellent. She is probably going to take an alternate path her senior year and finish a few high school classes virtually (although she has enough credits to have graduated early), and take a college course or two. She is doing this to spend the year working full time (or more) as a working student for a current US Olympic eventing rider. She would learn infinitely more from doing this, and also be able to advance her own riding and compete during the year. We have no concerns about her being able to handle her coursework during this time.</p>

<p> questions for the knowledgeable:
1) Any issues with admittance to the Honors Program?
2) Any issues with her senior year plan?
3) What are the chances of significant merit aid, OOS tuition waiver, and Foundation or Ramsey scholarships? She would like to attend somewhere that can offer her siginificant merit aid, and save her 'college money' for vet school. She really likes the set up of UGa, and the fact that there is a vet school on site.</p>

<p>Thanks for any input you all have!</p>

<p>I would think that she would be direct admitted to honors and would at least get oos tuition waiver. Her ec’s are unique, so she may get noticed for Foundation/Ramsey as well. Start following the UGA admission blog; they answer all questions promptly. [Advice</a> about the UGA Admission Process](<a href=“]Advice”></p>

<p>CDK- your daughter sounds amazing!!! Her stats are in the range for auto admit to the Honors program. Make sure she applies early!</p>

<p>Her senior year plan is certainly different- could be worked well into a great essay and I am confident will make her stand out from the crowd.</p>

<p>She should apply for the Fellowship. About half the Fellows are OOS, so that is not a disadvantage. My D is a fellow so pm me if you have any other questions.</p>