Georgia State, SPSU, or Oglethorpe to transfer to Tech?

<p>Georgia State, Southern Polytechnic, or Oglethorpe for Biomedical Engineering to transfer to Georgia Tech?</p>

<p>Georgia State and Southern Polytechnic would be free for me but for Oglethorpe I do not know yet.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your responses!</p>

<p>What do you plan to study at these other (than GT) schools? None of them offer biomedical engineering, so look carefully at what they offer and compare them with what a GT BME freshman is expected to take. If they are all equal in that regard, then choose the one that you feel most confident that you will be successful at.</p>

<p>Our kids are taking some classes at GSU this summer in order to "underload" during their senior year at Furman. I have been impressed by looking at the curriculum choices offered to undergrads by GSU. That said, SPSU has a formal agreement with GT for acceptance of students into many of their engineering programs provided that the students take a specified curriculm at the original school and earn designated grades. check with SPSU and GT to see if there is a track for BME. For example, you must have Calculus I and II plus specific science courses to transfer to GT as an engineering major. I am familiar with this since our DD spent 2 semester at GT as a transient student and was interested in transferring. Check out the undergrad admissions page at Tech for transfer students, and you will find a spreadsheet showing requirements for each major. Good luck-the field of BioMedical Engineering is a great profession at present!</p>

<p>Thank you for your responses. I want to find the best way to get to georgia tech the fastest. I am the type of student who works hard and gets A's in his classes. With that being said, don't you think that Georgia State would be the best route to GT? I am thinking one year at State and obtaining all transfer requirements and then going to GT as a sophomore.</p>