Georgia State University Freshman Index

<p>Hi everyone,
So I'm actually a senior trying to appeal an admission for georgia state university.
I called them up and they said that if I can raise my freshman index (minimum: 2500) then they would accept my appeal.
For those that do not know, Freshman index is calculated as so:
500 x Core GPA + math/CR = (2500*)
My Core GPA turned out to be lower than my unweighted GPA so that was very unfortunate but my FI was calculated around 2350.
I have retaken the SAT in June and have received a better score in critical reading by 100 and my GPA from 2nd semester of senior year has slightly boosted my GPA.
Now my Freshman index stands around 2450, and i'm just wondering but will they consider me even if i do not hit that mark?
And what about waitlist? How does that work for GSU if anyone knows.
I haven't heard of anyone being in the waitlist, u either get accepted or you don't.
GSU has extended there regular decision admission until july 15th so i'm curious if they are considering taking people that are close to there minimum average at this point.
I have also taken the ACT in June and am hoping that I have done better on that then the SAT and will reach the minimum 2500.
So what are your thoughts? Any suggestions?
Thanks, & sorry for the long reading.</p>

<p>I didn't take the SAT, so I don't know anything about this freshman index thing. But I'm pretty sure the minimum ACT score they accept is 22. Here's a link for you, if you're still a bit worried: Freshmen</a> Requirements — Undergraduate Admissions — Enrollment Services — Georgia State University</p>

<p>That is the average, not the minimum. GSU students average a 3.4 GPA with a 22 ACT score.
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<p>I had a 20 ACT score and a 3.4 GPA when I applies to G-State as a Freshman. I think they care about your ACT or SAT score more then the GPA but don't quote me on that</p>

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