Georgia Tech/ Brown/ Upenn/ Yale/Stanford/ UC Berkeley/USC/NYU/ Northeastern Chance Me 2025

Most of these I’m applying RD, since most of them only have binding early-decision’s or have no early deadlines

Asian (South Asian Female)
Public School
Upper Middle Class (Not applying for financial aid except for merit scholarships)

Intended Major(s)- Cognitive Science, Neuroscience with a concentration in AI or Law, Science and Technology

GPA: 4.0 UW. 4.53 W
Rank: Top 2% of 700+ Class
SAT: 1520 Superscored, 1510 Raw (790- Math, 730- Reading)
ACT: Taking Oct 2021 ACT
AP Scores: All 5’s except for 2 4’s

Courses: 13 APS, 1 of 4 in class to have completed 4 Advanced Math Courses at a selective Georgia Tech program (Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Applied Combinatorics, Differential Equations, received 95+ in both LA and MVC, in progress with AC and DE), Intro to Neuroscience at local college, Biotechnology Pathway Graduate (Certified by State)

Outside of School

  1. Student-run Organization advocating for ethical AI: State President and National Executive Officer managing 20+ states and 35+ countries (hosted town-halls with legislators, run campaigns with White House, my chapter is recognized locally in community, our national org is recognized by Princeton, Teen Vogue, White House)
  2. Research (Conduct neurolaw research at org run by Stanford Professor, in process of publication; Conduct neurodevelopmental research at Georgia Tech; Independent AI research project over summer)
  3. Kathak (Trained professionaly for 11+ years, accreditation from international university in India, performed throughout the state)
  4. Varsity PF Debater, Debate Coach and Math Instructor (all 4 years of highschool)
  5. Volunteering: Outreach team member, Phonebanker on progressive Political Campaign in New York (took my own initative to reach out and intern due to canditates policy proposals), NGCP Women in STEM National Adivisory Board (1 in 35 selected across country), Climate translation work (Speaker at UN Youth Envoy on Climate Summit, Co-authored document sent to UN), Summer volunteer at Paralysis Center for individuals with nerve, spinal cord injury.
  6. Founder of a blog with 3+ international writers on the intersection of CogSci and Social Justice

Inside School:
Varsity Debate Team, Women in STEM Club (Secretary), Mentorship Club- mentor a middle schooler every week (Co-officer), Student Government (Elected-All 4 years), DECA/HOSA Competitor, SNHS, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS


5th Place International Georgetown PF Debate Tourn (International), 8th Place Georgetown College Tourn (National), 2nd Place DECA SCDC- developed SSRI for a neural device to help with nicotine addiction (State), Top 10x2 Creative Problem Solving HOSA (State), State Merit Scholar (Top 5% of State), AP Scholar with Distinction/ Honor x2
Taking: AMC 12, Another International Debate Comp, Awaiting publication for several research papers (National/ Prestigious Journals)

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Really no need to take the ACT – you know for the UC schools, the test (or 9th grade) will matter.

NYU and Northeastern are likely - and the rest are a reach for all although being in state will help you at G Tech.

You definitely need a Wake, Rochester and Case as targets.

Good luck.

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