Georgia Tech Business School

<p>How is the Georgia Tech Business school?</p>

<p>Its growing and growing fast. I'm not a business major here so I'm not quite sure but as far as undergrad goes I don't know if they actually offer a BBA. I know they offer MBA. The undergraduate program as far as I know is Management. </p>

<p>They just built some very nice facilities for the College of Management here in the last year and the school is growing rapidly. They have plenty of funds and support. People like Warren Buffett come to give talks.</p>

<p>Recently, on the US News and World Report rankings for Business Schools GT moved up about 11 spots to #32 in the nation for MBA putting us 13 spots ahead of the "aclaimed" business school at U(sic)GA.</p>

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<p>That being said, coming here for business school is a bit different. You'll be the minority amoung non-engineer/science majors. Often Business majors complain that us engineers give them a hard time for having "easy" classes (at GT anything thats not engineering is "easy"). The trade off is, most business majors here are much happier than us in the sciences.</p>

<p>Additionally you'll have many former engineering majors who decided it wasn't for them, "jumping on the M-Train" as they say.</p>

<p>All in all, seems to be a good up and coming program. Great facilities and pretty much the only place on campus to meet beautiful women.</p>

<p>Except Biomedical Engineering. </p>

<p>Damn I love Biomedical Engineering.</p>