Georgia Tech Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Hi. I’m an Indian applicant who got deferred to Georgia Tech RD. I dont have many hopes, but I wish the best of luck to the RD applicants!


Hello in same situation (defer)!!! I submitted some updates including my new job (organizer for campaign) and hoping it helps…

Do we have to send mid year grades to GA tech? Did you all get any email regarding this?

yeah we do

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I’m surprised that we just type it in there. Other colleges require it to be submitted through common app by a counselor.

I applied to Georgia Tech with a 730 in the SAT Math Section. This is in the middle 50% range according to CollegeBoard. But Georgia Tech is a selective tech school… What do you think?

There’s a lot more that goes into the entire process than just a simple test score. Are you in-state? What extra-curriculars do you do? What’s your GPA/course load? etc.

Out of state, which could be a disadvantage. I have found it a little difficult deciding how to guesstimate my chances at schools because my SAT is rather skewed. I got a 780 on reading and writing (same SAT administration).

I think it’s really hard to tell because there are a lot of factors I don’t know about, however, I think you do have a really good shot at getting in. Of course, it depends on what major you’re planning to pursue.

I’m out of state as well, however, I did not submit test scores because I did not feel they did not represent me in the best way, yet I did get in during the EA round.

That being said, I think it’s all chance, and without knowing a holistic view of everything you do, it’s almost impossible to determine! There are people with perfect scores who get in, people with mediocre scores that get in, etc.

Congratulations! Is Georgia Tech your first choice, or are you waiting for decisions from other schools?

Thank you! Tech is definitely my top choice right now, but I’m still waiting to hear back from some of the other schools I applied to!

OOS is a very difficult admit (similar admit rate to Cornell) so hard to predict. They value test scores less than some other schools - more holistic review and emphasis on grades but also what you do outside of school.

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Good luck, what is the best way to add additional information?

Using portal or send to admission counselor?

There is an update box on the portal

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Is it easy to change major from aeronautical to CS?

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i got deferred too. does anyone know when rd decisions are supposed to come out?

First-Year Deadlines & Fees | | Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA

Deferred as well. Do we know when the RD release date is?

Good luck to all!

March 19 I believe

That is UGA. I don’t think Tech has announced yet.