Georgia Tech Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Same here. Two identical acceptance letters. My S was accepted EA.

Any specific questions? You do not incur tuition or fees (fees are optional but if you don’t pay them you can’t use campus benefits like football tickets, gym, etc) so FA would not apply during the semester in which you co op. You will need to register your co op as earnings from your co op could affect FASFA status which in turn could affect financial aid if not guaranteed for 4 years (like a scholarship, etc.). Also registering your co op with the school keeps you enrolled - and if you are not enrolled for 2 semesters you have to reapply (also could trigger 6 month grace period on loans). Specifics need to be addressed to the FA office - email is the best way to get in touch right now I think as many are working remotely.

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I was wondering about it affecting the next year. That could be difficult. I suppose whatever the package you get for one year, you get half of it regardless of the semester that you work?

My daughter has not received written confirmation in the mail, either. Only the notecard and an abundance of emails (with the acceptance in her portal).

Does anyone know if they have communicated all Financial Aid awards, yet?

It is hard to say without seeing the package. They are all different. We don’t have financial aid except free tuition thru the Zell Miller scholarship. My son just registered his summer internship with the school. He is taking a class as well as interning so we will have a small tuition payment (summer classes are billed by credit hour) which is covered by his scholarship, and all the fees which are not. He has a different internship in the fall, and will register that one as well. Even though he will not be taking classes we will opt to pay those fees so he can get football tickets :slight_smile:

At least one of the co op semesters will likely be summer so you could get your financial aid fall and spring and then work for the summer.


Apparently the first wave of waitlist acceptances came out April 9th of last year and several waves after that each week. Does anyone have any idea of the waitlist schedule for this year or if anyone has received news about their waitlist decision yet?

Nope and I’m thinking my son may either take himself off the waitlist or if he leaves himself on may not accept. He committed to Michigan last week and talk about a deluge of information. It’s like once you pay the deposit a door opens to a ton more info. Hotel plans for parent weekend, move in weekend, learning about housing, your course plan, AP credit, etc. it winds up making it hard to tear away from anything and GT for him was a last minute application for RD also without a visit and a surprise waitlist so not sure he will want to run down there in any case when the programs are similarly ranked for what he wants. So, that may give a spot to someone else, or at least one less on the waitlist.

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My daughter has committed to GT and we paid the deposit last week. My daughter subsequently did get an acknowledge email which says

We are excited that you have decided to become a part of the Yellow Jacket family! This email confirms that the admission deposit requirement has been fulfilled and we are reserving your place in this year’s class. You are currently scheduled to begin classes in Fall 2021.

I was a bit surprised however that the deposit payment did not show up in “Parent Pay” tab of the bursar website. I sent them an email and they replied:

You will see record of the deposit when it is released as a credit on the account closer to the start of the term. For now, the receipt and the application are the main indicators the deposits have been paid.

My daughter’s roommate at Tech was a genius…honestly, really a genius (and in aerospace, no less) but she had her b.u.t.t. kicked that first semester…she received a B in a class and it was the first B she had gotten since elementary school! it was all good…better to have your eyes open early to the world of smart people ahead…and she’s now a graduate and had an astonishing number of lucrative job offers. But it was absolutely an adjustment.


UW Seattle or GT for CS?


While I’m not sure where my son is thinking of if he’s staying on the list did everyone get an email update about the GT waitlist and how there are 3900 on it?

I may try to convince my son to take himself off, maybe opening a spot for someone else perhaps.

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My son did but he said 4900? Crazy.

Oh wow I went back and looked and yep 4900! All of them cya!

What did they have last year on their wl? Remember when we thought it seemed like everyone was wl? I guess they were lmao!

I looked yesterday - 4200ish. So this is even more - we have moved on full force and committed to UGA, toured the business school yesterday (wow so impressive!), found a roommate (friend who is also waitlisted at Tech - so both will understand if one lucks into a spot), went to the bookstore and bought some swag, etc. Glad he moved on and is getting really excited about next year. Waiting on something that probably won’t happen when all your friends are excited about their choices is a bummer - glad we are not doing that any more!

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I think that’s where my son is. He was excited right away about Michigan, didn’t even apply EA to GaT nor has he visited so time to move on. He also wants to go order a bunch of stuff tonight and I need to upgrade my ratty old Michigan t-shirt as well. Also, now the housing stuff just came so who wants to start over with that. He hasn’t even begun the roommate search yet so that’s another issue, especially with waitlists. I like your idea though. I’ve always told him he has to be upfront if there is any chance he would switch if taken a spot and can only hope a roommate would be honest too and then you take your chances in that regard.

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GT is cheaper by 8k USD/year

Michigan is great - my sophomore son loved it and Ann Arbor :slight_smile: Sounds like a great decision!


Ask me in 6 months!! Hopefully I’m not pulling my hair out with my 4 kids in 4 different states, and being an empty nester with a husband ready to hit the ground running to go travel all of a sudden if things start to open up. I think I need to first just breath, clean my house out and then figure out what fun things I will do when I don’t have to worry about college apps, school schedules, forms, meals, and god knows what I haven’t even thought about yet.