Georgia Tech Class of 2025- Waitlist Thread

There was a big waitlist thread last year so I figured out lets make a waitlist thread for us this year. Hopefully we can all get accepted of the Waitlist :slight_smile:


lets go!

Yes I just joined the waitlist today! So will all decisions go out at the same time or will it happen gradually?

it happens in waves, the 1st big wave happened in the beginning of April last year.

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don’t they have to wait until after commit day??


They can do it earlier once people start declining acceptances and all that.

True but Ivy day is later this year and I think financial aid packages go out later this year also. If they start in early April they may be taking a lot of people from the waitlist. Anyone know how many are on it?

Apparently 27% of decisons were waitlists so around 7-8 thousand people

I think it’s probably 27% of people either deferred or regular decision. That would be around 6000. :flushed:

Yea It looks like its gonna be hard to get off.

Yep. My son is still waiting on a UVA decision but he is not counting on it and moving on to plan B which will likely be UGA or UF. He wants to study business so both are great options.

I would assume only 60-70% of people would actually accept their spot on the waitlist so keep that in mind as well.

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True but if the waitlist size has doubled which it has odds are still pretty poor! There may be a fair number of people who are just ready to be done with the whole process particularly after this year!

Admissions posted a blog today about how waitlists work…

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he said u can contact your admissions officer one time. do you think its worth it?

How do we know who our AO is?

no clue

I just read the FAQs in the waitlist letter. It clearly states that only (they have it in bold) information submitted on the waitlist form and in your application will be considered in making the decision to take you off the waitlist. Sounds like information you submit directly to an admission counselor won’t be considered, even though the above link was written by Rick Clark.

Also, it does make clear that likelihood of financial aid other than loans is slim if you get off the waitlist - so that is a factor as well. Good luck to everyone!

Just to confirm, the LOCI is due at 11:59 PM tomorrow night right?