Georgia Tech Class of 2025- Waitlist Thread

thank you for the reply, yes we are moving on to UGA honors and we have about 13 AP credits so not sure how all of this will transfer over

UGA accepts a three on AP exams while Georgia Tech does not. As long as UGA gives credit on the transcript that credit will transfer to Georgia Tech even if it is below the Georgia Tech threshold.

I would be sure to do your UGA modules ASAP if you haven’t already to get your advisement apppointment, as you will have less flexibility since you will have to take certain classes to transfer

yup modules are done!

UPENN or GT? My son just got accepted off his WL at UPenn.

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Congratulations! Getting off the GeorgiaTech waitlist at this point is like a lottery so I would say UPenn. Fantastic School!


Wow!!! Impressive. That’s great

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Wow! That’s amazing! Whatever you choose, everything is going to be great!

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Thanks my friend. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @VirginiaBelle …I hear you though I thought Upenn was a lottery too with the admission rate being less than 3-4% this year…
So, there is hope for everyone!

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@WorriedButNot Congrats for UPenn. I see your’s is CS major. Any day, I would prefer private (UPenn) to a public school (GT), especially in CS where the job demand is always very high (also resulting in huge class size in public school and less personal interaction), so a good education/exposure to newer techs can prove useful in the long run - and not the brand name. UPenn rankings are little lower than GT, but still within the top 20 in both usnews and Since ranks by CS sub-disciplines, it is heavily popular with companies/recruiters. In addition, you can compare the CS curriculum in both colleges. Since I work in this area, I typically find this information useful.


@kolhelp Thank You so much! I appreciate the insight. My son wants to pursue Computer Engg (he has been going back and forth between CS and CE). He thinks with UPenn, he has options for dual degrees, their program of Tech with management etc… :crossed_fingers:


GT may be better for engineering (Comp engineering). I glanced thru the curriculum just now, for both GT and UPenn. CS is quite different than engineering, and many natural science/liberal arts type schools do better there. I think one need to ask what type of jobs one would prefer in their CS career (core digital hardware/chip design/systems/embedded software in CE, versus information processing/cloud/big data/ML in CS). CE will have some physics and engineering exposure, and CS will have more prog languages, AI, ML, and more linear algebra and other math focussed exposure.


Can’t speak for CE as a whole but GaT is far better for CS than UPenn any day. Penn is not in the Top 10 for CS but GaTech is ranked 5ht. Many schools have CS in their Engineering schools as opposed to a separate school like GaTech. Some also have it in both Engineering or Arts & Sciences which is helpful for those that are more interested in the Humanities or the Stem field.

The bottom line though is what you really do once at the school. If you’re WL at GaT and your best option is Penn, then hell yeah you go to Penn. I don’t know what other options @WorriedButNot has but it can’t get better from an ovreall school than that if you are looking at the big picture. Bottom line though, there is still a lot of grinding that has to be done to find internships, etc. even being at an Ivy.


What are your opinions about Purdue computer science. This group is so knowledgeable. I really respect all of your opinions.

@Prc - Purdue is a great engineering school. Engg reputation is much higher than CS. Again, in CS lot depends on what the students do on their own - portfolio, github code, mobile apps, etc)

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Not as good as GaT but they have the biggest internship fair and that is a HUGE plus. Also a very deep program. It’s not a bad option at all if not in at the tier above. I would have no issue with my kid going there. They’ve also not raised tuition in many years and they lock it in. It’s the same price OOS as GaT is basically, so very reasonable as well.

Kids seem to love it. The negatives are if you are in for Data Science you can’t transfer to CS. If in for CS you can switch to Data Science. CS is hardest major to get into there. Engineering is it’s own school and they also can’t transfer to CS. Engineering also first year is general and then my understanding is you apply to your major after and some are more competitive so not everyone gets in and they then change majors or leave the school.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, if one wants to do CS, he/she needs to get into CS. Transferring from anything else into CS, even from CE or Data science, is extremely difficult in most good schools. People have figured that compared to CS and CE, CS has lesser workload with similar or better job prospects than CE. Hence the heavy demand.

The above is true to get a CS degree. It doesn’t define what one can do in his career, because for a huge number of CS/programming type jobs, one can be self-taught - with all software frameworks available online/open-source/mostly free. For some jobs, an engineering degree will be preferred. In this highly creative field only passion for the work really matters.

Does anyone have any idea of the transfer acceptance rate for international students?