Georgia Tech Class of 2025- Waitlist Thread

yea there is pretty much no hope

So, their class goal is 3,450 and according to Rick Clark they are 93% towards that goal and it’s still going up. So an estimate around 200 people or less that has a chance of getting off the waitlist

Stats can be deceiving. Do we really know what goal he is talking about? He is GT’s head cheerleader. Maybe it is not exactly what you think. Maybe it’s a preliminary goal of some sort. Also, people will be moving around from place to place for a while. Just because a student accepted an offer at GT doesn’t mean they will end up there. Many may leave GT after they get an offer to come off waitlists elsewhere. GT is a nice school to be sure, but there are other schools that may lure some folks away. Be patient.


Good point. Do we know what the goal is? Is 3450 the goal? Is 100 more than that the goal to account for summer melt? It seems that tweet indicates it is better than admissions was expecting, but how does that compare to other years? With roughly 350 kids being international students, how many of those were actually be able to get a visa and a plane ticket and get here? With almost 5000 people on the waitlist, the odds are very low however you slice it but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year it is how to pivot quickly!

While mine isn’t moving from his spot at Michigan and is really happy there, I do wonder if just like this entire admission cycle, we are about to see if the colleges may have been wrong about the whole waitlist aspect and amount of spots that will be opening as well and that there will be many disappointed seniors out there.

I think schools like UIUC, GT, Mich, Purdue UT, didn’t do many things different than in past years and wound up with quite big yields. Purdue previously sent out info that they were seeing over-enrollment for their CS students and weren’t going to be taking transfers for next year’s class in order to keep class sizes at a certain number, etc. Kids that didn’t get into schools like Michigan or GT or some other schools may be headed to Purdue. Go up a notch from all of those (in the eyes of some) and the shifts may wind up being in the Ivies or not. Someone in the Michigan group said their counselor told them Michigan has filled all their spots. That was a strange thing for a counselor to say and not sure I believe it. As, again there is always some movement, but will there be 1200 like last year? Probably not. Last year was an anomaly. The question is whether this year will also be an anomaly.

Not sure how much travel bans will impact schools or not. I have already seen schools saying they plan to work with students remotely who are not able to get here in person to start the semester. Or maybe they will give them the option to bump to the following fall which would then open some seats although they usually like to open seats with similar students. So if it’s an international they want to replace with an international.

Either way, the number of kids coming off waitlists as of today, are by far way fewer than where we a year ago. There’s movement, but nothing is significant. I have one daughter who knows of someone getting off a waitlist at Cornell and another daughter knowing someone getting off at CMU. Last year there were way more by this time. People also I’ve noticed seem to thin that when they decline a spot that means a waitlist spot opens, but not necessarily since that may be just part of the original expected yield. So I’m sure like you, you always laugh when you see that line. “I chose elsewhere so now someone will get in off the waitlist”.

We are definitely seeing trickle down effect this year as you describe. At our school, many who wanted UGA and would have gotten in in the past didn’t get in, and same with GT. Several ended up at GT hoping for somewhere else and if given a spot off the waitlist will move. Most of the kids that had it as their first choice were waitlisted. Same scenario at UGA. The committed students right now are each schools best case scenario. The odds are still not in your favor due to sheer numbers, but the fact that there will not likely be aid at many schools for waitlist offers may mean the volume of offers may be higher. We are all guessing at this point!

Dead on! I think any one of us parents with prior kids and current seniors, could be just as accurate as the college counselors who people have paid 10k and up to give them the same lousy advice this year. No one knew anything this year! I can’t believe how many people were so wrong.

My daughter’s roommate sibling just committed to GT. I don’t think it was even on his radar but he didn’t get into this top 2 (Ivy), visited and really liked it. This is a kid who’s like essentially a genius. That’s what’s happening all over. Similar things happening at our school. I wouldn’t say these kids are settling, but instead of 1 going to an Ivy, we would have had about 7 going to Ivies. So Those 6 had to end up somewhere else. They did - Michigan, Texas, Illinois, GT.



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Why are ivy admissions lower?

Has anyone heard or read of waitlist movement today?? Or is it too early?

Crickets here

My guess is some sort of announcement tomorrow re whether they will be taking people off the waitlist? UGA has been very transparent throughout the process and is making a similar announcement re deposits and waitlists today. Their commitment deadline was Saturday though.

It would be nice if GT would do something similar - even if all they do is announce there will be limited waitlist movement like UVA (my son’s other waitlist!).


Agree. Hopefully gt will say something tomorrow. However, I imagine most would commit over the week end.

Reply to one of the questions from Rick Clark on Twitter - Today is our deposit deadline. In the days ahead we’ll be reassessing our class goal and received deposits to determine if, when, and too what extent we’ll make WL offers.


More waiting. I wonder how soon they will make this assessment. Thank you for sharing!!

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Any updates??

Has anyone been accepted from the waitlist so far?

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Thank you for sharing!!