Georgia Tech Class of 2025- Waitlist Thread

Only 80 people out of more than 4000. This is ridiculous. :neutral_face:

Yes, and I was originally committed to UGA. Wish everyone else the best of luck in these stressful times!!!

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Where did you get this information from? Twitter?

Congrats to all who got through the wait list. Is anyone OOS yet? Do we know if there will be another list which will be published or is this the final number of 80?

I just wondered that if no text or email, it means no hope to admit to GT, am I right?

This is the Twitter link (2 hours ago) :

Earlier, we notified 80 students of their acceptance from the waitlist via text and email. We understand students may have questions as they consider their offers, please don’t hesitate to reply, message, or call if we can provide any guidance! Contact: []


Thank You! I wonder if this is the final list or if they will have additional lists in the upcoming weeks.

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Not sure, but I think 80 lists are the final of final lists.
So, no email, no text, no update on student portal,
it seems all hope is gone to get off from the waitlists.

So sad and depressed…

Dont be sad (yet). I don’t think anyone has gotten email saying that GT waitlist is closed. Based on last year’s thread there were multiple waves of students getting off the waitlist…so I think unless they say they are done with waitlist, there is still hope.

& on another note CMU sent that email today about their waitist being essentially closed already.

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Thank you for your warm heart @WorriedButNot .

I am a father of my D, we applied last year 2019 November as Early Action, and Differed and Waitlisted again and Now this is happening.
It’s been 7 Months…

My daughter declined 5 Universities (Full Scholarship even) to go to GT.
GT is my D’s Dream School that’s why she just gave up other school for GT.

But now,
I don’t know what to say to my D…

Hopefully we ca get ONE LAST CHANCE.

I do appreciate your encouragement.

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@danielhyunkim - I am a mom of my S who also had his heart set on GT. We are OOS and though he has accepted another good university (good scholarship) which invited him to their honors engineering academy, we are hopeful for the waitlist to come through.

He is in the same boat as your D, applied early action, got deferred and then waitlisted. I totally understand the frustration but still hoping for the best.

All of those waitlisted at GT are very bright kids and they will do well regardless of which college they go to. This year has been extra difficult for the seniors due to so many reasons. Our job is to ensure that they don’t loose heart and be confident in their future.

All the best to all the seniors!


Oh… We are on the same boat with GT Storm now.

Yeah I do hope we could get off from this challenge soon together.
I wish and pray that your family will get a good result as I pray for my D.

All blessings to you @WorriedButNot .

*I just dreamed we could say hello with our kids at the GT Campus together.
That would be wonderful.


This almost described me yesterday. I thought all hope was lost. I knew I had hard odds to play, but when I saw that roughly 7% of applications with my description were accepted EA1, I started to lose even more hope. However, as the months of waiting dragged on (I too was deferred and waitlisted), I forced to myself to love my other choices. My advice, my rather unfounded advice, to your D is to try to study all the good things about her other choices (assuming she has some). For example, I disliked UGA (great school, just not for engineering), so I focused on the positives; the dining halls (5th in the country), the newer dorms, the Double Dawg program, and a smaller class size in engineering courses.

Remember that Georgia Tech has become the first public (nonmilitary) university outside of California to have an acceptance rate this low. Fifth lowest in the nation for public schools I believe, but don’t quote me on that, I’m just a high school that likes data.

I say that to say data is only the whole sample’s acceptance rate, but the individual’s.
GT will most likely have more waves of acceptances.

Best Wishes,
A High School Senior with too much time on his hands


@danielhyunkim - love that dream!! Keeping my fingers crossed that comes true. If it does, we will have to post pic to this thread. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

@MattBerry1216 - Great tips on looking for positives…Did you take any specific steps to get off waitlist? Like connecting with admissions etc? Not sure how they get people off the waitilst so trying to figure out. Congrats again!! Now, you can relax after the long wait… :slight_smile:

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What a wonderful thought you have, I love it.
Positive and inspiring message for me.

You can move on with your great dream and I will support your movement.

Thanks a lot for sharing and encouragement as well.

*I found out why GT choose you.
You are the one of best Applicants.

Congratulations again!

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Yeah, let’s cheer up to take a photo together and post it at the main gate of GT.

Keeping my fingers crossed as well. :crossed_fingers:

You are a great mom!

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I am also a mom of a Senior who has his heart set on Tech. We are in state and not sure if we will have a chance after today:(


My heart is with you!

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We are in this together…lets hope for more news on the waitlist admissions.

In the meanwhile, lets ensure that our seniors are keeping their options open & enjoying their last year of school. Its been a difficult year for all of them even without the pressure of this application process & crazy admission year. :heart_eyes:

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I thought there are multiple waves for the waitlist? Will a university close their waitlist this early?

Has your daughter paid a deposit to go somewhere this fall? I think chances are much more slim to get off the waitlist this year than last so best to move on with plan B.