Georgia Tech Deferred applicants thread

Hey, starting this thread for those of us who got deferred!


Deferred means from both majors right?


Do we know what percentage got accepted/deferred/denied?

I got deferred. My letter decision letter says "We recognize the excellent work you have demonstrated to this point, and we would like the opportunity to consider your fall grades and application in the context of our entire applicant pool. In the meantime, we encourage you to utilize the Deferred Supplemental Form (DSF) to share information you feel would be helpful to the admission committee. "

I will probably end up getting rejected but I did have really strong senior year grades.

Any idea what to include in the form? If no major accomplishments since the application.

Can I change my major when applying to RD? Could be that I wasn’t a right match for my major?

I have no clue. Maybe a statement of demonstrated interest?

Hey guys! EA1 deferred here. I’m kind of confused. On the FAQ page when I was first deferred, it said 2/3 of deferred applicants ultimately get accepted. Now, it says 1/3. On the Instagram highlights for the Counselor takeover, 48 weeks ago they said over the past 5 years, deferred students had a admit rate on average of 24%. But 3 weeks ago, the same counselor said deferred students over the past few years, they were able to admit a majority. So, as you can tell, I’m very very confused on what number is accurate as there are major discrepancies (2/3, 1/3, 24%, or majority lol).

I put statement of continued interest and put in my new organizing job for a political campaign…

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I recently got deferred from GeorgiaTech, which kinda sucked at first, but now I see it as an opportunity to strengthen my application rather than be straight up rejected. Could someone shed some light into how the deferral process works at GeorgiaTech? Is it a good sign for RD? Do they mass-defer or are they selective with deferrals? Is this a good sign for my other apps, which were better than the one I submitted early in october?


Edit: I am an out of state asian male and my major was Mechanical Engineering.

Percentages can be deceiving. If you can find the total deferrals by year that might be better. Maybe the percentages are higher the past few years because they deferred less?

GT has some pretty good dashboards for admissions and student migration between majors.

S20 was deferred EA and then accepted RD. We’re OOS from PA. He just started his 2nd semester there and is doing well. The EA admissions from his HS were odd. Some higher stats were rejected EA and some lower stats were accepted.

He wrote a letter of continued interest and was admitted RD. It was a no brainer to attend.

GT has a fairly high % of OOS students so there’s hope.


True. Thanks for the info.

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I’ll add another comment about GT and colleges in general. I really feel bad for kids today because of Covid and how its altered the college experience. We’re going through this back-to-back with S20 and S21. One of the reasons GT was a no-brainer is because it offered some in-person opportunities day one. Personally, I think it worked out well.

The saying is you don’t go to GT for the accommodations. Normally, I would say it’s not that bad. The dorms are acceptable and the food is mediocre but this year has been trying when it comes to dining. The cafeterias have been hit or miss with selection and hours. Off-campus dining has the same issues as everywhere else. We let S20 take his car this semester so he has options.

So far two of S21’s schools have come out already and said there will be on-campus classes this fall. Personally, I don’t think some schools have a choice. It’s either this or massive layoffs or closure. I still think there are too many unknowns to guarantee that will happen.

My advice to my kids (and anyone else) would be to seriously consider a GAP year. My S20 actually has done much better than I thought but that doesn’t mean it’s been perfect. You really need to ask yourself how much are you willing to forgo and give-up? Are you willing to take online classes AND deal with housing/food issues AND not be able to do things that normal college students typically do? Good luck.

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Can you expand a little about the dining being hit or miss? Are you saying that some dining venues were closed unexpectedly? Or that the food options were more limited than normal? Or?

My D21 has been deferred and intends to submit the deferral letter but she also has multiple food allergies, so dining options are a worry for us. At FSU this year (for my D20), the dining halls were more limited in the fall, but there was always Chick Fil A and an assortment of off campus options that she could door dash if need be.

@amsunshine Pretty much everything with dining. Hours changing. Closed when should’ve been open. Limited options. Even Chick-Fil-A is hit or miss and their HQ is in Atlanta. There are some good restaurants nearby but I wouldn’t say walking distance either. Plus local restaurants are hit or miss as they are pretty much everywhere in the US today. Grubhub, Doordash, or Uber Eats are options (I forget which one S20 likes) but those also have the typical issues of being timely and showing-up to correct address.

Also, most freshman live on-campus in dorms so limited opportunities to cook too. Social distancing has pretty much closed down any kitchens I think (honestly not much info since S20 wouldn’t cook anyway other than mac-n-cheese in a microwave).

Oh…and there’s typically buses that run on weekends to the local shopping destinations but those have been sporadic as well. One more reason S20 took his car this semester.

There’s one possibility and that’s going Greek. I think the houses have their own chefs.

There are no good answers. Either stay home and do remote but be comfortable or go to campus but be uncomfortable (varying degrees). It’s REALLY important to get feedback from students who are actually on campus this year to get a feel for next year.

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Thanks so much for the info!

@amsunshine You’re welcome. I might have questions about FSU in the upcoming weeks. S21 applied for film. It’s a looong-shot. Even if he doesn’t get in he’ll probably apply to their digital media production program. Two kids, one year apart, soooo very different. Lol.

Feel free to message me about FSU if you like, anytime! My two are also one year apart and very different!

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Dining will be very different at GT next year. They are taking it in house versus contracting out for it which should be a vast improvement. Food has never been its strong suit but it was most problematic for those with special diet. Hopefully this will be a vast improvement (UGA manages their dining in house and food is vastly superior). GT has a fairly large Greek presence and those houses have weekday chefs so mostly an issue for non greek students living in first year dorms (upper class dorms largely are apartment style with kitchens).

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