Georgia Tech EA Chances?

What are my chances???

Applied EA

3.6 gpa top 20%
31 ACT composite 33 science 33 reading 31 math 28 english
4 years Varsity crosscountry, track, and tennis
lead role school play
Homecoming King
Duke TIP @ GT campus summer of 2014
Humanitarian trip 2 Haiti…2 weeks in length
Interact Club
A Capella Group 4 years
5 AP classes (all my school offers)
While Male OOS

Dad is ME graduate. uncle is Chem E graduate. BOTH FROM gt


are you going for any computer science or engineering majors

Bio or mechanical, but I’m told that doesn’t matter in terms of acceptance…?

nothing about your ECs scream “i want to be a stem major!” can you tell me what classes you’ve taken?

nevermind, it doesn’t really matter. you have a good hook and okay tests scores. only thing that makes me ask “is this the right major for you?” is the fact that you haven’t really shown interest to stem in your ECs. if you really want to go to georgia tech, then go for it. but just make sure that engineering is the right major for you.

AP calculus as a Junior
AP chem
Won region Math competition


I left it off, but in math club as well.


Im working with a 4.11 weighted gpa, 9 APs (including ap calc BC), and a 33 ACT with a 34 in math and 32 in English. Two leadership positions in clubs and a varsity baseball athlete. I also went to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks. I think I have a good shot but I’m not positive.

STEM ECs aren’t everything! It’s good to be well rounded. Yours are good, but you but GPA and ACT are low for tech. They only look at Math and English which may hurt you.
Probably low reach.

More test scores to come yet. hopefully higher. gpa…can’t do much about that at this point…

With your current stats, GIT is a reach for you. Your math section of the ACT is not high enough (needs to be at least a 33+), because Georgia Tech places a lot of emphasis on the math section/s of the SAT/ACT. Also, your GPA is low compared to the freshman profile.

got a 710 on SAT math…little better