Georgia Tech Econ vs. UIUC CS + Econ (both OOS)

Which school/program do you think is harder to get into?

Why not apply to both ? Two different programs (not apples to apples) since Ga Tech is just Econ.

I don’t see data but I’d assume Ga Tech for the simple reason that the UIUC program is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. But I would contact admissions to see. They’ll guide you.

What’s the purpose of the question as neither has ED so if you’re looking to choose one, choose both.

My parents are limiting the number of schools I can apply to, and I’m sorting out the last remaining spots

I was thinking of picking up a tech-related minor if I went to Georgia Tech; I would just apply as an Econ major

What other schools ? What are your stats ?

Are you financially constrained meaning they can’t afford another app ? Is either school affordable ?

You are talking about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over four years so no offense to your folks but it’s a short sided decision over less than $100.

Have you been to either ? One is smack dab in the big city. The other in a small town in the middle of nowhere although accessible by a few hours to two major cities. But far different vibes. And weather.

The most important thing in picking colleges to apply…by far…is affordability. Not pedigree

After that, you have 20 common app spots. If you can afford the schools, you can afford to use the common app spots and you should. Maybe not all 20 but being restricted to a specific # is…a personal choice but I think is silly.

Can you afford these schools ?

You can do CS or ECON anywhere and be just fine although these are two leaders in CS.

What are your stats? Where else are you planning to apply ? What is your home state ?

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