Georgia Tech Fall 2020 Transfer

I’m not seeing a transfer thread having been started yet. Does anyone know when to expect decisions? Has anyone heard yet?

Decisions will be out on 5/15 to all applicants. Hard to wait hahh

Hi there! Did you guys made it in?

i made it! does anyone know where financial aid is to be found???

Hey guys! Made it here. Does anyone know if there’s a group chat or something with the new accepted transfer students?

My son got accepted for Chemical Engineering. Not sure about financial aid yet. Sadly he likely won’t be attending because he got into a good in-state school that will cost substantially less, especially considering financial aid will be minimal as an OOS student. Best wishes to you all.

@chileanb there’s a groupme chat you can find on gatech’s reddit discussion thread. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link it here, but just check the post and look through the recent comments.

I want to apply to Gatech as an out-of-state transfer for chemical engineering. Would you mind giving me your son’s stats?