Georgia Tech Fall 2021 Transfer

I’m not seeing a transfer thread having been started yet. Does anyone know the required GPA to transfer to Engineering(on a 4.0 Scale)? And transfer decisions come out on May 15 right?

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Thanks for starting the thread! I’m a transfer applicant. You need a 3.3 minimum to be eligible for engineering, but from what I’ve read you’ll want at least a 3.7. And yes, transfer decision notifications are supposed to come out May 15.

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oh okay thank you! Well my gpa is 85.6/100, do you think I have a chance to get accepted? My college’s 4.0 scale is: 85 =3.63 and 86 = 3.7. Also, any idea if they would round up my gpa from an 85.5 to an 86 while reviewing my application?

Not sure about rounding and converting from a 100 scale, but just remember GPA isn’t the only factor. A high GPA helps, but they do a holistic review, so they also look at academic experiences, employment, essays, etc. Good luck!

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To my knowledge, the holistic review is just a piece of sh*t. GaTech concentrates more on the quality of your courses and your GPA. The most important part is to finish all course requirements on their website along with two(sometimes one) English composition courses. Also, a 3.9 or higher GPA is preferred.
Then it comes to the engagement of your current institution and your ECs. Also, GaTech wants to find out if you fit into them through your essays.
I am applying for Computer Science. It is a very competitive major.

anyone here also transferring with conditional pathway?

My daughter is planning for transfer through conditional pathway.

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Does anyone know if Georgia Tech have released their decision earlier or later than one on their site previously? This is only school left for me and I need it to be out to make a full decision. Deposit deadline for the one of the school I got accepted to is May 1st so I had to pay… It would have been GTech would release their decision quicker but if they say May, May it is.

I think they usually stick to releasing their transfer decisions as posted on their website, which is on May 15. Im in the same situation as you, I had to pay a deposit for a different college whose deadline was also on May 1st. Best of luck!!

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Hi guys I made a server for transfers 2021 :))

Hey can u resend the invite for discord it looks like the discord invite got expired

https://■■■■■■■■■■/HvzWvvCEGT This should work.

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Check you GaTech Oscar(NOT the Admission Portal). After logining, click Admission tag, click Fall 2021. You should be able to see your admission status. Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected
Good Luck, everyone.

wait how did you know this. My application status says waitlist, and also do you know how often they admit from waitlist. I really wanted to go to gt but the waitlist kinda broke me today