Georgia Tech is ranked top five public in the Nation by US News

Here is the new US News rankings and GaTech rose up again.
Its now top 5 in the category of Public US universities!
GaTech is ranked very well for business too (operations management, business analytics and supply chain/logistics ) , and engineering , here are individual department ranks

MSE moves to #2 behind MIT. So when does Ga Tech get put on the CC Top Universities (Non-Ivy) list? Seems to fit just fine on the current list.

Have a freshman son and he is happy as a clam! Seems to be balancing class demands and social well, and there is lots of social! Great grades so far but he is doing a lot of work during the week (library in between classes etc). Perfect fit for him for sure!!

I think “top” on CC means lots of blogging and hits. The Georgia Tech page is slower and less blogging than any of the “top” schools. Top does not mean rank in this case, it means hits, reads and blogs. Georgia Tech parents lose interest in College Confidential pretty quickly. Its not a controversial school in that the acceptance rate is very high for Georgia students, so its not really a mystery who gets into Georgia Tech so nothing to blog about, by and large. All valedictorians and salutatorians have automatic admission to Georgia Tech for instance.

All Val and Sal in the state of Georgia that is

Forbes ranks it #13 as top public and #65 overall.

This is currently my daughter’s top school. It is a reach school for her, so fingers crossed!

We did a campus tour yesterday and liked the school and campus very much. I think it definitely rose on DS list after seeing it.

Great school & strong placement. Might not be the best match, however, for those seeking small classes.

Ditto for my son.