Georgia Tech OOS vs Rutgers In State

I’ve been accepted into Computer Engineering by both schools, but I don’t know which school I should attend. If I went to Georgia Tech, I would be getting a better education but I would be paying the full price compared to Rutgers where I would probably pay around 10k a year. Please help, thank you!

Your post is a little unusual in that the difference between the two schools is so great. You’re comparing a mediocre school to one of the best engineering institutions in the whole world. You must have quite an impressive resume to have been accepted at Georgia Tech as an out-of-state student. I could not in good conscience advise anyone to pass up Georgia Tech for Rutgers unless you are in dire financial need and if that is the case, I am sorry for you. I really am. It pains me to know that people are in such dire straits. If the money is not of significant concern, you would be mistaken to pass on Georgia Tech, for obvious reasons. Good luck to you.

Can your family afford to send you to GA Tech with no hardship/no loans?

I think Rutgers is a solid school (Ranked 62nd ?). We have family in NJ (with a lot of GaTech graduates :)), and I know what I am talking about. They recommended for my child to apply to Rutgers. I think that post above is unfair. Any school in Top 100 is good choice. If money is an issue, signing up for huge loans is a big mistake. Computer Engineers can make good money after any good school.

Wow, sorry, but I think @WhrlingColleges is off base. I mean, sure, if you can just pay out of pocket for GA Tech, then ok, but if we’re talking loans or struggle for you or your parents, I don’t think it’s worth it. Where you go is not who you are. If you apply yourself, and seek out and take advantage of every opportunity available (mentorships, internships, etc.) you will do well wherever you go. And Rutgers is a plenty good school.

Rutgers is not a “mediocre school”. Wow.

GT offers a STEM focused student body, great internship opportunities, and a fun campus in downtown Atlanta.

Rutgers is a more well rounded school with a diverse student body. The education is solid and won’t hold you back.

Since you will get an excellent education at both schools it comes down to fit and finances. How do your parents feel about the extra $ and have you visited Tech?

both are great schools in my opinion. i’m a CS major at GT, and your GT degree will most likely get your foot in the door with all the opportunities they provide comp eng majors.

but honestly, if going there will bring you a great financial burden then i would choose rutgers. it’s still a great institution, and you can most likely obtain a great job with any comp eng degree. as an out of state student at gatech, travel and being so far from home and other expenses do add up.

The OP would have had to made a decision already and hasn’t been on CC since 5/1. Closing thread.