Georgia Tech Stamps Scholarship vs. Duke vs. Dartmouth

I am currently trying to decide where to go to college. I have received the Georgia Tech Stamps Scholarship and have also narrowed it down to Duke and Dartmouth.

Receiving the Stamps Scholarship means that I not only get a full-ride for the next four years (covers tuition, room, board, food, etc), but I also receive a stipend for a laptop and $12,000 for enrichment funds. I also get annual retreats, mentorship, and lots of networking opportunities/opportunities to create a community. However, I am not sure of how big the name of Georgia Tech is within the tech world, as I hope to eventually enter the field of Computer Science. I know there are a lot of opportunities at these schools but I am unsure as to which would be the best for me. Additionally, how much would being a “Stamps scholar” help when it comes to getting job or research opportunities/positions?

Obviously, the money from Georgia Tech is very tempting for me. However, if I was to not consider the cost factor and simply the opportunities within tech (fintech, wall street + tech, working at leading tech companies), what would you think the best choice is? Additionally, what about in terms of entrepreneurship and startups at each of these schools?

I have also been admitted to some other schools & ivies, but feel like they aren’t the right fit for me.
I am most strongly considering Georgia Tech Stamps Scholarship, Duke, and Dartmouth. Any advice would be very helpful!

Even without the money, the Stamps provides great opportunities. I’d take that in a second.

Do you get fin aid from Duke and Dartmouth?

GTech is very respected in the tech world and Stamps is special. Unless the finances are close (which would make it a tougher decision), I would take Stamps.

I hope you’re kidding. (sorry) If Duke and Dartmouth are at full price, or even $35,000+, take the Stamps scholarship. Georgia Tech is phenomenal. If someone came off the street and offered you $140,000+, and a Toyota vs a BMW, would you take it? Of course you would. They both get you to where you want, and one car/college will make you richer with things to do with that money.

In the world of Computer Science and engineering Georgia Tech is a bigger name than Duke or Dartmouth. It is well recognized by tech companies and your opportunities will be equal or better.

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Can you easily afford Duke and Dartmouth? If not, if you family will have to make significant sacrifices or you have to go into debt to go to those schools, then do Georgia Tech.

And I’m a Dartmouth student, so that’s saying something.

  1. " I am not sure of how big the name of Georgia Tech is within the tech world,"

Big. VERY big.

  1. Stamps isn't just money- even though it is a LOT of money!- all those extras are worth a lot in themselves, and for the connections you will make. And there is status just for being a Stamps scholar.

GA Tech is amazing in your area of interest. I’d grab the Stamps Scholarship and run. My D’s friend went to Ga Tech (turned down Ivy schools) and had a fantastic expereince there.

Congratulations on Stamps! That is quite an opportunity! If you are not sure you want it, my son would be happy to take it… :wink:

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and startup opportunities you should look at this:

Lots of information on the career placement as well.

Georgia Tech is probably better than Duke and Dartmouth as far as CS goes. Without Stamps, it would be a toss-up: you could go to any of them and not really regret it. But with Stamps, the return on investment at Georgia Tech is just far too high. You can use the money you save for grad school, or the down payment on a house, or anything you want, and the CS degree you get is no less valuable. If I had been lucky enough to get Stamps at GTech, I would definitely have committed there.

Also, from what I’ve heard from one of my friends who is currently attending with a Stamps Scholarship, the opportunities you get go beyond just the money. Better research/internship opportunities, dinners with important people, etc, etc. I think there are even 4 members of staff whose job is just to help out Stamps Scholars

@hehehaha do let us know where you picked.

We toured both Tech and Duke with our son this year and even if the money were even I think Tech would be the better choice.

Do you mind sharing your stats? What does it take to be named a Stamps Scholar at Georgia Tech? Thanks!

If you are set on CS, and assuming you would actually be paying $$$ to attend Duke or Dartmouth, then it’s a no-brainer: Georgia Tech.

But if it’s not that simple, as in:

  • If you are also considering Finance/IB as a career, then Dartmouth and Duke are both sought after by Wall Street and firms elsewhere, much more so than GIT.
  • If cost is low enough at Duke and Dartmouth that you could easily afford them, you might still consider Duke and Dartmouth. Neither is as strong as Tech in CS, but they are strong in a plethora of other majors, so if you aren't sure about your major...

Based on what you have said, GT seems like the best choice.

If you keep the D schools in the running, know that Dartmouth and Duke are close peers so assuming cost is close between them, choose based on fit. There are gobs of differences between them – size, location, setting, weather to name just four big ones – so go with your preferences.

In sum:

  • If you are 100% sold on CS as a major and a career, choose Tech.
  • If you are not, and especially if you think you might drift over to Business/Econ/Finance or the humanities, you would probably be better served at Dartmouth or Duke, as they are both stronger in those areas than Georgia Tech. (unless they are not affordable, of course…)

@prezbucky, pretty sure the OP would have had to commit by now…

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