Georgia Tech vs. Cooper Union vs. Purdue

I have been accepted to each of these colleges for Electrical Engineering. I can attend Purdue for no debt but I’m looking for a challenge and prefer to live in a bigger city. That being said, I also want to live in a “College” environment and get the college experience. Aside from my living preferences I’ve heard that Engineering schools are pretty much the same. Is there any reason I should pick one over the other academically?

I would go for Purdue and no debt. The school is well regarded for engineering. You can always try to do a semester at a more urban school.

How much debt on graduation if you go to GT or Cooper?

Cooper Union will be under $10,000 in debt.

Under $10K in debt is easily overcome considering the field you’re getting a degree in. So I wouldn’t let that be a determining factor.
I’d pick Cooper because of its small size and attention, and because you want to live in a big city (doesn’t get better than NYC). My second choice would be GT because of Atlanta and it’s generally considered superior to Purdue.

As others have said, under 10k is no big deal. I vote Cooper Union based on your preferences.

Cooper Union is such a tiny engineering school, I doubt you will the get the college experience you seek. If money isn’t a issue, I would suggest Georgia Tech as an alternative to Purdue. However, Purdue would be my top choice if you are looking at avoid student loan debt…