Georgia Tech vs Drexel University for Computer Engineering

I’m an international student who got accepted to Georgia Tech and Drexel University to the class of 2024 to study Computer Engineering. I got a full scholarship to Drexel University but at Georgia Tech I would have to pay full tuition. What should be my decision? Which university should I attend?

What can your family comfortably afford (no hardship/no loans?)

First year or first two years at Georgia Tech with no hardship. I’m hoping to get scholarships after my first year if I attend Georgia Tech.

Both universities are excellent. I would go to Drexel with scholarships. Forbes ranked it among the top 24 STEM universities in the country.

You cannot afford Georgia Tech. Hoping to get a scholarship (from whom?) for the last two or three years is an unacceptable risk. Go to Drexel.