Georgia Tech VS Penn State

<p>Which is better?

<p>GT-Internaitonal Relations
PSU- Antropology</p>


<p>Academically, GT is more highly rated.
Penn State will definitely be more fun, as PS students are generally much happier than GT students (check sites like without the --)</p>

<p>Pennslyvania State University- University Park</p>

<p>I'll second what mephist0 said. And Penn State's reputation is quite positive. Plus, Tech's national reputation is for engineering, not International Relations. But from what I recall in your earlier posts, you indicated you'd prefer an urban setting. GT has a very nice traditional campus in downtown Atlanta, while State College, PA is very remote.</p>

<p>Penn State is one of the tops in the nation for undergrad anthropology, if that is your interest.</p>

<p>Agree with gadad - Penn State is in a rural setting; I have heard the campus can be very self-contained</p>