Georgia Tech vs UPenn for ECE PhD

Gatech’s very famous in ECE but my advisor just finished his postdoc(so I guess no PhD supervising experience or connections in academia, less published papers). He seems like a nice guy though.

UPenn’s not as famous but I got great comments on my advisor by a PhD student of his (friend of mine), and his mentoring style suits me almost perfectly. This advisor has been a professor for 7 years, so I guess he is more experienced

I like both Atlanta and Philadelphia. Also, the possible projects offered by both of these advisors interest me the same (not much that is). Both of these professors publish quality papers in respected journals.

I plan on following a career in academia after my PhD. Should I choose prestige and fame and an inexperienced advisor (gatech) over a less prestigious school but with a guaranteed great advisor (UPenn)? What matters most for a successful career in academia?