Georgia Tech's Economics Program vs. UGA's Economics Program

<p>Which University has an overall better Economics program in terms of ranking, salary, job prospects, etc...?</p>

<p>Neither of them are strong in the area. Who goes to GTech and majors in a lib arts? ROFL.</p>

<p>Is the Economics program at GSU better than the one's at Tech and UGA? How would you rate the graduate programs at all three schools?</p>

<p>Btw, Emory, from what I've heard is pretty good for Economics. It's a shame though, that they don't offer a standalone master's program.</p>

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<p>Don't listen to big4bound - Georgia Tech's School of Management is rapidly becoming a top business school. Georgia</a> Tech - College of Management | Welcome to Undergraduate Programs</p>

<p>I would go to GIT over UGA for pretty much anything assuming they have the major or if UGA is known for it (UGA has a much larger major choice so if GIT didn't have it, that is the only reason you'd go to UGA). Honestly, I have no clue if/what UGA is known for anything so, it'd be GIT all the way for me.</p>

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<p>That isn't true.</p>

<p>US News Rankings</p>

Emory: 13
Georgia Tech: 28
University of Georgia: 28</p>

Emory: 27
Georgia Tech: 26
University of Georgia: 59</p>

<p>Bloomberg BusinessWeek Rankings</p>

Emory: 7
Georgia Tech: 50
University of Georgia: 49</p>

Emory: 22
Georgia Tech: 23
University of Georgia: 36</p>

<p>Overall University Rankings (US News)
Emory: 20
Georgia Tech: 35 (7 among public universities)
University of Georgia: 56 (18 among public universities)</p>

<p>Student Statistics</p>

<p>Average SAT/GPA
Emory: 2105/3.87
Georgia Tech: 1970/3.89
University of Georgia: 1835/3.8</p>

<p>Yall, I'm sorry, but let's get real here. I mean think of it like this, who would go to Red Lobster and order a steak, and who would go to the Outback Steakhouse down the road and order the grilled shrimp? You get what I'm saying? It would just be silly to go to Georgia Tech and major in any sort of business related field, when the Terry College of Business at UGA is one of the best. Raise up</p>

<p>Perhaps because the Outback Steakhouse down the road has just as good or better shrimp, more qualified people, and a more respected establishment overall... So no, I don't really get what you are saying.</p>

<p>The Terry College of Business has strengths in Real Estate, Insurance/Risk Management, and Accounting, but Tech is equal to or stronger than them in every other field and has a more academically qualified student body. I'm not sure I would call either program "one of the bests" although they are both strong business schools. In no ranking does UGA outshine Tech in business. That is simply a false statement. </p>

<p>Georgia Tech Business grads have a median starting salary about $5,000 higher than that of Terry grads, indicating that they tend to receive (on average) more competitive positions in industry after graduation. Georgia Tech also has a much higher ranked MBA program than Terry, which combined with it's location in Atlanta helps foster stronger ties to top businesses.</p>

<p>As for economics, neither program is highly touted, but Georgia State and the University of Georgia are the highest ranked in the state by the NRC rankings (around 40th). No program in Georgia is ranked by US News.</p>

<p>Ultimately, you should choose a university that you feel you will excel at both academically and in developing leadership skills. Jobs and salary will follow good performance in those areas. Visit both schools, talk to students and professors, and decide which is a best fit for you.</p>

<p>Ok look InPursuit, I honestly don't know where you're getting your information from because I have not seen a single ranking where Tech is above Terry. For your information, the UGA Terry College of Business MBA program is located in Atlanta as well, right across from Lenox. Georgia Tech is great for students majoring in engineering, medical fields, and stuff like that, but in business, it's just not a wise decision to go to a TECH school. So I just have to tell you that you're full of crap. I did a summer program at Terry at UGA, so I kind of know what I'm talking about here.</p>

<p>The MBA program is based out of Athens, Georgia where the university is located. The Terry College of Business Executive Education Center is located in Buckhead, but this is not the main campus. Terry also has regional campuses in Griffin and Gwinnett.</p>

<p>All of my rankings were cited to either US News, BusinessWeek, or the NRC and are readily available online. The only ranking where Terry tops Tech is in the BusinessWeek Undergraduate rankings where Terry is ranked 49 and Tech 50, which is essentially a tie. In that same ranking the median salaries are listed as 46,500 for Terry and 50,000 for Tech. In all MBA rankings Tech is ranked ahead of Terry.</p>

<p>Here are the links:</p>


<p>BusinessWeek: Top</a> Undergraduate Business Programs 2010 - BusinessWeek</p>

<p>US News: Best</a> Colleges - Education - US News
Note: If you do not have an account to view all of the US News Rankings they are available on the Terry and Georgia Tech sites</p>


<p>Business Week: The</a> Best U.S. B-Schools of 2010 - BusinessWeek</p>

<p>US News: Rankings</a> - Best Business Schools - Graduate Schools - Education - US News</p>

<p>Forbes: Best</a> Business Schools -</p>

<p>You may have gone to a "summer program" through Terry, but that by no means makes you an expert on anything. A simple Google search or looking at the university websites quickly refutes your claims and shows that I am not "full of crap."</p>

<p>The Georgia Institute of Technology is also much more than a "TECH school." It is the number 7 public university in the nation, has the 4th highest entering SAT scores of any public university in America, and is ranked as one of the top 30 universities in the entire world by the Times of London Top</a> 200 - The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-2011 These rankings indicate much more than a mere "tech school."</p>

<p>InPursuit: Even though Ga Tech is ranked higher than Terry in almost everything; Ga Tech's program for undergraduate in business is only a BSBA with a concentration in such field as accounting, finance, etc. Would you still recommend Tech over Terry if one would go into Finance?</p>

<p>In short, both degrees are similar and you will not get a lesser finance education through Tech's program compared to Terry's. At Terry you get a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and at Tech you get a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech's program is meant to provide an introductory background in all fields of business and a specialization (or concentration) in one or more fields. Tech also allows students to pursue certificates in addition to one or multiple concentrations. </p>

<p>At Tech you must complete at least six finance courses for the concentration from the courses listed here: Georgia</a> Tech - College of Management | Concentrations </p>

<p>Terry's finance degree requires 7 finance courses, one more than Tech, and does not require the same introduction to other business fields.</p>

<p>With both degrees there is flexibility through electives to take more finance classes or other business classes. This means that you could very easily get the same education background from both schools.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech offers 12 undergraduate finance courses and Terry offers 13.</p>

<p>You can compare requirements by using the following suggested schedules:
Terry: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
GT: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>One thing that is nice about the Tech degree is that you get to take an introductory course in all the fields before you have to decide on what you want to specialize in, and you are guaranteed acceptance rather than having to apply after getting to the university. However, if you are sure finance is where you want to be this is not much of an issue. Tech is also in Atlanta and offers easy access to over 20 Fortune 1000 companies within a few miles.</p>

<p>My suggestion would be to visit both schools and try to talk to a faculty member at each. Both degree programs are good, and I think you will find the both can meet your needs quite well, so you should pick the one that you feel will be most conducive to you exceling both in and outside the classroom. No ranking can make that decision for you.</p>

<p>Wow, thank you so much for all the informations. What would you rate for each of the following questions between those two majors?</p>

<p>Which one has a better job opportunity?
Which one has a higher starting salary?
Which one leads to IB or Top notch positions in the business world?</p>

<p>Terry does not publish job placement statistics, but their median salary at graduation is $46,500.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech career placement and salary information is summarized here: Georgia</a> Tech - College of Management | College of Management Undergraduate Career Program </p>

<p>and here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>As for top positions:
Investment Banks mainly recruit at the nations top schools such as Harvard, MIT, U.Penn, etc... With that said, I know several Tech grads working in investment banking for JP Morgan, UBS, and Bank of America and Tech sends many graduates into management consulting for Deloitte, Accenture, and other regional consulting firms. Occasionally McKinsey, Bain, and BCG will hire a Tech grad, but this is much rarer. Because of Tech's higher overall ranking and location, it tends to attract some elite companies that Terry does not. However, you need to be at the top of your class academically, have strong leadership positions at Tech, and have solid work experience to compete for these positions. They go only to the best of the best. Big 4 Auditing positions as well as finance, IT, and operations positions at Fortune 500 companies are very common among the upper part of the class, and many regional and Fortune 1000 firms offer many positions to more average graduates. In short, top students at Tech do not have a hard time finding very good jobs at graduation, but the elite positions in IB and consulting remain very competitive.</p>

<p>I cannot speak with much authority about where Terry sends their grads since they do not make this information readily available, but based on average salary data I would assume they send fewer people to top finance and consulting positions compared to Tech. However, top Terry grads likely compete for the same jobs as top Tech grads.</p>

<p>Look y'all, I really don't care what InPursuit says. UGA is the better business school. They have an amazing alumni network which helps graduates find jobs. All of the big four accounting firms in Atlanta recruit from Terry, as well as many other companies with offices in Atlanta, such as Home Depot, Bank of America, Coca Cola, and Suntrust. I'm sorry, but I just don't see the logic in getting a business degree from a TECH school.</p>

<p>Hai2011: Would you get a business degree from MIT??? It a TECH school, yet it in the top 15-20 for business degree. Sometime a brand is more important.</p>

<p>All I can add is that D is thinking of a minor in econ and an exec friend at a major bank told us that all the Econ majors they interview and/or hire from UGA lack the necessary skills to succeed. I don't know the thoughts on Tech grads, just UGA.</p>

<p>I find the grilled shrimp at outback quite delish, thank you very much!</p>


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<p>Reminds me of this thread.</p>