German/Business double major or German/Spanish double major

I am about to transfer an associates degree to a 4 year private institute and I am at a crossroads for what double major will be more helpful in the current job market.

Are you even going to be able to obtain a major in a foreign language in 2 years that you haven’t started already??? Most language majors consist of 4 years of cumulative language training…

If you can pull this off then I wouldn’t recommend one over the other.

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I already have a basis in German and Spanish and have over a year before I am able to start my FL classes(which gives me a year of learning solo), due to some complications with my transfer. I am just curious as to which would be better overall in the opinion of the people of this forum. Or maybe even a Spanish/Business major.

I have already contacted the German instructor at the institution about the major and everything it entails including your mentioned concerns about the time. It may very well take me 4 years, because there are important language classes that I have been unable to take, due to them being unavailable at community colleges in my state. The time it takes isn’t really my concern at this present moment, but instead of the job market for the majors.

I understand now. The logistics of your situation confused me!

I wish I could offer you something more in terms of a recommendation, but I truthfully cannot. I don’t have enough knowledge of the international business world in order to give sound advice as to which language would open more doors.

I’d recommend just studying whichever one you like more. Learning a language that you don’t enjoy is a brutal process. I hated learning Spanish back in high school because I didn’t find the history of culture of latin america to be all that intriguing to me. Now I’m studying Arabic and love it despite its difficulty, simply because of my interests in religion as well as the geopolitics of the middle east.

Best of luck to you.

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