German w listening TROUBLE

<p>Hey guys:)
When I was taking sat germ w listening today, the CD data didn't correspond the questions in the test book. They wrote the report about that to the collegeboard. Do u guys have the same problem w your german+listening?</p>

<p>Had the same problem today, and was so ready to get it done with… :-w glad to here that it wasn’t just an isolated case.</p>

<p>I took spanish with listening but my friends in the room had the same problem! It was so lame that the kids with german listening had to leave in order not to disturb others</p>

<p>I had the same problem too!! glad I wasn’t the only one haha</p>

<p>Hey everyone!
As I’m sure those who took the German with listening test (and probably even those who were in the same room taking a different language) know, there we a problem with last Saturday’s test as what was on the CD did not match what was on the test booklet. I just wanted to know, has anyone heard from the College Board about when/if we’re going to get a makeup test for it? I feel like we should, as what happened on Saturday is not our fault whatsoever! Also, how did your schools react to the issue? As I’m an international student, my test center wasn’t very well informed. So basically after having to explain to them what the problem was for like 10 minutes, they made us do the first section of the listening during the remaining five minutes (we were able to sort of do it since both the questions and answers are on the CD) but it was kind of useless. Then, it wasn’t very clear whether we were supposed to the reading part or not, since the official rules state that you cannot just do the reading part of a listening test. So after a while of starting, then being told to stop again, then being told to start again… we ended up doing it but none of us were able to finish due to all the interruptions. Before we left the test center, all we were told was that we would be contacted but have not heard anything since. What were you told?
Thank you!</p>

<p>hey blankspace89 I had the exact same situation as you. I don’t know what to do cause I applied early at Duke and I needed that extra German score ( nov 8 was the last test date for admissions). I hope they find a solution because this is unfair to us all.</p>

<p>The supervisor phoned collegeboard, they told him that I will take it on Nov 22, so you have to contact your supervisor I think)</p>

<p>What happens to the other tests taken that day?</p>


Proceeds as normal.</p>

<p>You probably need to retake them. My daughter took one other test that day (AFTER the faulty German one) and according to the College Board, which I have been on the phone with for the last half hour, all test results taken by anyone with the faulty German listening test that day have been zapped. I said this was unacceptable and suggested that someone perhaps deleted that data by mistake? It’s very wrong to force a kid to retake all the other tests due to CB’s issue. Or maybe it was something the test center did. I am still fighting this but if you are scheduled for a retake on Nov 22, don’t assume that you are only retaking one test.</p>

<p>Has anyone got the makeup test???
I had exactly the same problem!! The supervisor told me to go home and wait College Board to contact me but I haven’t heard of them so far!! If the make up test is on Nov 22 they got to tell me!!
I mean, I need to prepare for this!! this is just outrageous</p>

<p>My D was contacted by the College Board; they scheduled a make up, she took it BUT now we can’t see her MATH2 score which is a bummer 'cause she is re-taking Math in Dec and wanted to see how she did!!! Argh.</p>

<p>I have the same situation. The CollegeBoard told me that all scores will be showed with German in two weeks after the German test. The trouble is that I applied under the EA and the Nov scores were the last acceptable, but it seems to me that they will arrive at the university not earlier than Dec 6. So, I’m pretty confused about that</p>

<p>Well, did the make-up test on Nov 22nd and was told that the other subject test I did on the 8th was saved and the scores would be posted together. It is now 19 days since the make-up test - why haven’t the results been posted ??? Anyone have any news?</p>

<p>No. I also took a makeup test on Nov. 22nd. Yesterday I emailed Collegeboard and they said that they would investigate and reply in ten bussiness days. I do not know what is happening at all! Anyone get score???!</p>

<p>German with Listening test scores were posted online around December 5th from the makeup exam given November 22nd. Scores for other tests taken on November 8th were missing. </p>

<p>Score reports for the German with Listening test were sent to colleges on December 5th. Those of you who used free score reports for the SAT Subject tests may see the sent score reports online. </p>

<p>Fun fact though, German with Listening scores now show as not yet available, even though score reports were sent and we saw them online on December 5th. </p>

<p>Note that bahiorono was told on November 17th by a CB rep that “all test results taken by anyone with the faulty German listening test that day have been zapped.”</p>

<p>We called the CB December 8th to ask about results for other subject tests. CB rep stated that the fact that other subject tests were taken did not appear online, let alone the scores for other tests. </p>

<p>Right. That’s the PROBLEM. </p>

<p>I noted that this was likely an issue for all those who got the German with Listening exam and said that the CB should not only be well aware of this issue, but taking steps to fix it for everyone.</p>

<p>The rep stated they were addressing the issue call by call. </p>

<p>The CB has our contact info and should be informing all of us instead of leaving us hanging and wondering what the hell is going on. </p>

<p>Those German with Listening test takers who took other subject tests on November 8th have documentation that they registered for other exams and will also see this info listed on the admission ticket for November 8th as well as the makeup on November 22. </p>

<p>After waiting 5 - 7 business days for a response to our December 8th call to the CB I got an email from a customer service rep asking me to please explain the problem again. So helpful.</p>

<p>The CB is rudely compounding their mother of all F* ups by their handling of the problem and their failure to communicate. </p>


<p>Scores for German with Listening and all other subject tests taken have now been posted for our student according to the CB customer service rep. </p>

<p>For those who still need scores for German with Listening and other tests, call the CB. Make sure to get a reference # for your complaint as well as for the representative with whom you speak.</p>

<p>Let us all know when you receive your scores or when they are posted for everyone who still needs them. </p>

<p>Viel Glück!</p>