Get IGETC after enrolling in CCC from OOS?

Hi, DD is relocating with me to CA, she has an AA from a Florida CC (and a semester at a four year).

After reading the IGETC info, it looks possible, to me, that she could apply to a CCC take one (three credit min) class, and work with the CCC to use her prior credits to get an IGETC certificate - thoughts, do-able?

  1. Are you sure that all the OOS courses she has taken will be UC transferable?

  2. According to the IGETC certification information, Certification of IGETC completion is the responsibility of the last community college a student attends prior to transfer. So it would be best to contact the Community college she plans to attend to see if she takes 1 or possible more courses there, that they would certify the IGETC.

  3. IGETC does not give any special priority when transferring but helps complete the GE courses required at the UC campuses. It also depends upon which major she plans to pursue since some majors to do not recommend IGETC.

Hi, Nope I’m not sure all of DD’s CC and 4yr credits will be transferable, but I have noticed a better match with her completed classes and the IGETC list (than those for UCLA GE, for example). DD has 66 semester CC credits, and 18 4yr semester credits (< 10 UD). She also earned her OOS AA prior to graduating HS (doesn’t seem to be much of a plus with UC admissions).

I expect she will apply to UCLA, UCB, UCSD, and UCSB this Fall (SOC,. PSY, PHI, ish). The four UCs have different GE’s so it would be nice to have IGETC.

One plan would be to take a remaining UCLA SOC prep for major class, SOCIOL20, for example, at a CCC, and somehow get the guidance department to verify the completion of IGETC requirements.

Since CCC units cost $100/credit more than FL CC credits, and because it takes a significant number of completed CCC credits for a student to gain “CCC preference” DD will probably favor completing the few remaining UC requirements (foreign language, for example) online from CA.

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Yes, if you can get the CA CC to certify the IGETC after taking the Sociology course, then it will definitely help save time and money. Since she will be taking a CA CC course and any additional if needed, I would have the transfer advisor there look over her OOS courses and maybe they can give some guidance if she will fulfill all the needed GE and major prep transfer requirements.

Here is some GPA information by major and campus for UC transfers to help gauge her chances. 2020 is the most current data at the moment.

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