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Oversupply of Petroleum engineering graduates.
Lack of jobs/Internships for graduates/Petroleum Majors.
Students have been deceived into believing that Demand>Supply.
Let the truth be told Supply>>>Demand and it will continue this way in the next 10 years.</p>

<p>American</a> Oil & Gas Reporter | Magazine Content</p>

<p>Excerpts from the article you posted:</p>



<p>Every major is going to suffer given the current economic environment, granted some will get hit harder than others, but ALL will be affected in some way. That is the nature of a recession. I wouldn't get too worried about the long term prospects of any one major, well maybe computer programming, but we will require petroleum engineers for the foreseeable future, regardless of what Obama and his cronies would have you believe cars will still run on gasoline in ten years. Therefore there will be petroleum engineering jobs.</p>

<p>Those that were not hired were likely not hired because they were underqualified for the job compared to the rest of the applicants. It is very much possible that those not hired had a very low gpa and not much research or internship experience.</p>

<p>The conclusion I would draw from that article is that somewhere between 2013-2017 is going to be a very lucrative time to be a petroleum engineering graduate.</p>

<p>Well if you look up the gov stats, the projection of growth is the lowest and the current number of engineers are also one of the lowest.</p>