getting 2000+

<p>so basically i've taken like...3 practice tests and wound up with 1960/1950/just under 2000 each time using the low end of the grading chart and in the 2000's with the high end. the first time i took my (actual) sat, i got an 1860. does this mean during the real sat i can get 2000+ judging by my previous tests? technically it doesn't matter too much what my score is since i'm guaranteed acceptance to the college i'm going to but it would be nice to get 2000+. plus the may/june sat is free in texas so i guess it's less pressure for me. :)</p>


<p>Once you have a usual "range," it's a matter of luck when it comes to which end of the spectrum you end up in.
Regardless, good luck! :)</p>