Getting 2300+ for SAT

<p>Assuming I get 800 on math section,</p>

<p>How many wrong's can I get on CR and Writing to get over 2300 (and let's assume I get 10/12 on the essay)? (I want 750+ CR and 780+ Writing :P so unrealistic but w/e haha)</p>

<p>you can miss about 4 in CR and 1 or 2 in writing...</p>

<p>so you can miss about 6 total...</p>

<p>i feel so sad... i want a 2300 too...</p>

<p>don't we all</p>

<p>I do!! but I don't get how everybody finds the math sections such a breeze - I'll probably get 780-800 in the CR/writing sections, so I should be fine, but I'd like to have a higher math score...</p>

<p>i think people have a better idea on the math sections because with math, you know you're wrong or right, whereas CR, you don't always know if you're wrong or write. Writing you should know though, the only tough part is cracking the essay.</p>



<p>you get the idea</p>

<p>Gah. 2300 was my goal. I missed it by 110 points. :P</p>

<p>All hail the ACT!</p>

<p>j'aime le ACT</p>

<p>i missed it by 110 points too. 2410 ;)</p>

<p>Bluedevilbball, ur scores are pretty low. you can only go to harvard with that sat score man.</p>

<p>My goal was 2400. I missed it by 740 points. 1660.</p>

<p>Is a 2080 way too low for Princeton?</p>

<p>Not necessarily....</p>

<p>no, a 2080 will not keep you out of pton combined with a stellar application, so don't listen to what people on CC tell you.</p>

<p>what about a 27-30 on the ACT?</p>

<p>Nothing is too low.</p>

<p>Nothing is too high either. Ahh the wonders on American college admissions!</p>

<p>Focus mostly on CR and Math. Thats what i did and got a 2250 cumulative even though i didnt do so great in Writing. Improvement in CR or Math will be much more useful than improvement in Writing.</p>

<p>my goal was 2400. my score was 8820.</p>

<p>^^^^ur cool now.</p>