getting a 30 on the ACTs

<p>I took the ACTs last year and I got a 20, that was my first time taking it. I am trying to shoot for a 30. I know a lot of people say its impossible to do such a big jump, but I was just wondering if it really is? I mean I don't know if it helps (some people say it doesn't) but I'm taking an SAT/ACT prep course and they give a lot of helpful strategies and rules to follow when doing the test. I know I'm probably being unrealistic but if anyone has any advice or tips on what I can do I would really appreciate it, its not like I'm not willing to do any hard work..</p>

<p>Get the Barrons ACT 36 book. That is practically all I used to study for my first ACT and I got a 30 composite... That was after taking a "break" on the reading section (I only did 1 passage and guessed on the rest).</p>