Getting a W on a Community College Course...

I took Microeconomics at my local community college this past summer, and although I was doing really well, I had to withdraw and I now have a “W” on my CC transcript. I’m currently taking AP Microeconomics at my high school and I’m confident that I could get a 5 on the AP test. Would it make sense to just take the AP test (which would be around $50 more expensive), or should I retake microeconomics at the CC so on my CC transcript it doesn’t look like I just withdrew from a course and never tried to retake it? Also, for UCs that have a combined micro+macro introductory economics course, would I be able to test out of it with an AP score in micro and college credit in macro?

Did this happen this summer (2020)?

I would not worry about any withdrawal that needed to happen in the summer of 2020. It will be assumed to be a COVID pandemic problem, and therefore out of your control.

COVID has caused a lot of problems.

It shouldn’t be a problem. I’d go with the AP course

good luck.

UC’s do not consider W’s on your transcript unless you have an excessive amount so no worries there. It is better to continue in your AP Microecon class in HS and take the AP exam.

Here is the UC AP credit for Econ:
Microeconomics: 2.6 sem/4 qtr
Macroeconomics: 2.6 sem/4 qtr

You would have to check each UC campuses policy on applying the AP credit especially if it is major related but you would have to take both AP classes to opt out with the AP credit.