Getting accepted into colleges like Caltech/Harvey Mudd


<p>As a returning senior into high school next year, I am beginning to think about what I want to do after its over. Sciences (particularly physics) have always interested me and am thinking about majoring in that area. Living in southern California, I would really like to apply to Harvey Mudd and Caltech, but what does it take to get in?</p>

<p>My GPA has been steadily rising the past three years (started with a 3.71 and now for my last semester a 4.43, resulting in an overall GPA of about 4.1), and I have taken all the honors classes I can take the past three years, plus three AP's this year (U.S. History, Physics, English Comp./III), and will take 4 next year (Calculus, English IV, Chemistry, Government/Econ). </p>

<p>I am also in band - lead alto for the top concert band, lead for the top Jazz band at our school, and section leader in the marching band (I don't know how much colleges take that into consideration though). Also, one of my recommendations will be coming from my Physics/Calc teacher who graduated from Harvey Mudd (a plus maybe?).</p>

<p>As for SAT scores, I took the test on June 2 (without too much preparation [which I am now angry at myself for]) and received an 1880. I am going to re-take the test early fall next year (with preparation this time) and aim to hopefully at least break 2000.</p>

<p>Given these circumstances, does it seem like I may stand a chance to be accepted, or is it just a wasted effort?</p>

<p>Those schools are definitely both significant reaches, but if they're your dream, go ahead and apply! Don't put your self in a position where you wonder what could've happened. However, you definitely need some significantly less selective schoolsfor matches, as well as some safeties.</p>

<p>My nephew got into both this year. Decided not to attend either.<br>
His stats:
SAT 2390 - took only one time (800/790/800)
Class val
GPA 4.495 (or something like that - never lower than an A in any class)
Presidential Scholar semifinalist
IB Diploma
National Merit Finalist</p>

<p>I think caltech focuses on sat scores. I saw in us news that the 25th percentile sat (cr plus math) was 1470. Not to say u have no chance or souldnt apply, but you should def retake the sat, maybe twice if u can. I would aslo add some matches and safeties. Good Luck!</p>

<p>My friend had SAT scores around 1750 and had no APs his senior year. He didn't have any eye-opening extracurriculars either, and played only two sports throughout high school. He got into Stanford.</p>

<p>That being said, your scores will hurt a bit, so retaking would be a great idea. (I don't have "great" scores myself). Do you have any extracurricular activities aside from those listed, like science fair, olympiads, or anything like that? At the very least, your GPA has been rising over the past few years, which is great.</p>