getting admission in UW

<p>hi my daughter got her recent SAT score 1550. she is in 11th grade. she completed AP biology got A when she was in 10th grade. now she took AP chem & AP lang&arts. she is suffering a lot with Ap Chem. she wants to go to UW for studying Computer engineering or biology side(she wants to take one is for major and other one minor). she is secretary for historical museum, member of NJHS, nearly 300 hrs community service</p>

<p>reading 510
math 540
writing 500(essay8)</p>

<p>community service: secretary for historical museum(nearly 300hrs), member of NJHS, she did tutoring for free@ mathnesium. but this is not non prifit organisation. is it count for volunteer hrs?

<p>which areas we need to improve? please help us. i heard indians(asian indians) are falling under the minorities. can we get any chances for admissions? sorry, if i am asking anyhting wrong. thankyou</p>

<p>please, anyone help us?</p>

<p>Her GPA looks good, but her test scores are below the middle 50%:</p>

<p>[UW</a> By The Numbers — University of Washington](<a href=“]UW”></p>

<p>Spending some time trying to improve them would be worthwhile. Or perhaps trying the ACT, some people do better on one or the other.</p>

<p>thankyou cellopop. waiting for more replies</p>

<p>She needs to improve her SAT score. 1500 is the average SAT score and, while that may be good enough for some schools, will not get her into UW. The good thing is that she does have time to study and improve her score. Good luck!</p>

<p>She should strive to raise all her SAT scores by about 100 points each. The tutoring is not quite what most schools consider volunteering, but certainly is an extracurricular activity she can put down. Also, Washington state does not regard affirmative action, so it doesn’t matter what race your daughter is when it comes to admission chances.</p>

<p>retake SAT on Dec.4, almost international applicants’ score are higher than hers.
she should improve cr and writing</p>

<p>Just echoing what others have said, but the SAT score won’t cut it for UW. She is below the middle 50%, which is a pretty good indicator that admission is unlikely. To put that range in perspective, it means that over 75% of the incoming freshman class scored better than her. If those are the only two AP classes she’s taken, and she’s struggling in one of them, that’s not very good either.</p>

<p>Can she honestly expect to do well in computer engineering if her SAT Math suggests that she isn’t too quantitatively inclined? I’m no advocate for judging intelligence based on SATs, but I firmly believe they are a decent general indicator of proficiency for the subjects tested.</p>

<p>At a public school, the strongest factors for admission are GPA, scores, and course load due to the sheer volume of applications. Her EC’s are decent, but not game changing. As of right now, the well rounded application but relatively lackluster score sets off a red flag in my mind: high GPA but low test scores and struggling with APs suggests relatively soft course load and/or school grade inflation.</p>