Getting an F removed from transcript for medical reasons?

<p>I suffered with chronic fatigue for two years in high school and was forced to be home schooled for much of that time. (it is well documented from multiple doctors.) Last semester the chronic fatigue returned and I was forced to miss many classes. I dropped one class for a W and received an F in the other. This F grade is ruining my gpa and arguably my future employment prospects. is it possible to petition the school on medical grounds to remove it from my transcript? thanks</p>

<p>I don’t see why not. I would email the transcript people at your school and go meet with them and explain your situation. Best of luck! Also if there is an academic success office or something like that be sure to have papers filed that state your disorder to have in the future as well.</p>

<p>You should probably discuss this with the school’s ADA director. Everything goes smoother when the paperwork is on file, and most schools are terrified of ADA violations.</p>

<p>Applying an accommodation retroactively may require someone’s good will, but it’s worth a try.</p>

<p>Usually, schools will allow failed courses to be repeated, and the better grade then replaces the F for GPA calculation. Does your school allow this? Otherwise, unless you filed with your school, and have all the documentation supporting your medical disability and that it interferes with “life events”, you may have difficulty doing so retroactively. When you noticed that the chronic fatigue had returned, did you go to the doctor, or get medication, advice, etc? Did you try to handle it and still get a W and F, or did you just sleep in, not do work, etc and earn the F? I think there is a difference between handling a problem head-on, and blaming outcomes on the problem later.</p>



<p>There is a difference. The school has an obligation to make sure that students really do deserve an accommodation. It’s easy for a specialist to document what’s happening in the present. Asking a specialist to diagnose symptoms that are 6 months old is a bit dicey.</p>

<p>You should have registered with the school’s office for disabiltiies with medical documentation before you started. And I hope you have medical documentation (MD visits for instance) during the problem you are seeking help with retroactively. Finally, medical withdrawals and leaves of absence can often wipe the slate clean, but you stayed on campus and are trying to keep your other grades. You might get help with this, so go ahead and try, but be aware that you are chasing a situation after the fact that could have been handled better in several different ways. (And you can retake it.)</p>

<p>ps You could also have gotten permission to drop that one class. With medical documentation, the office for disabilties, dean or other administrative person or body can grant you permission for a reduced courseload whenever needed.</p>

<p>i have 5 F’s on my transcript and wish to have them each expunged. i will spare none of these F’s any mercy. i want to watch as they are erased from my record. and i want it to be slow so i can enjoy it. slow but complete. people told me they were indelible, that they couldn’t come off, that i was wasting my energy. well aha! i showed them. that’s one of my lurid revenge fantasies except its not on a person its on the wretched F’s that ruined any future in higher education i could have had before it hardly had begun. (im serious about that, it really did). but when i posted about this to my schools subreddit they just laughed and called me the worst student in the history of students. if you can get them removed than maybe there’s hope for me. i repeated classes i failed and passed them the second time, but still the pernicious F’s clung to my transcript.</p>