Getting apps in early

<p>I was working on the common application today and realized that I was nearly finished. Most of the schools that I am applying to do not require supplements in addition to the common application, so I really could get all of my apps in pretty soon. Would it make any difference in the admissions process if I were to get my applications in super early?</p>

<p>Any input would be great!

<p>doubt it...they dont read anything until after deadline</p>

<p>Alrighty, guess I can take my time. Thanks!</p>

<p>it depends on the school. it actually is to your advantage to send in your app early. because they DO read it before the deadline, especially if the school has rolling admissions.</p>

<p>They probably will not read it until they are done with ED apps. There is a definite advantage to send apps early to rolling admissions schools. For the rest of them it should not matter, but apparently there is an advantage to have your app in early, as adcoms are less tired and in more forgiving mood at the beginning of the process. They also have a whole class to fill, as opposed to having just a few spots left. You may want to wait a little while though, and go over your apps in a couple of weeks, just to make sure you don't want to change or add anything.</p>