getting "B"s?!


<p>I know that many other factors besides grades are taken into account in the college admissions process. However, I am curious about something - does anyone know how many "Bs" as final grades are too many for an elite college? Now, I know there are no quotas or cutoffs or anything, but I was just wondering.</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>I am no expert but I would say when around 2 times your b's is greater than your a's uw, you seem to be playing with fire for absolutely elite schools(top ten).</p>

<p>So are you saying no more than 2? Or that you shouldn't have more Bs than As? :)</p>

<p>^The previous poster means that your total number of A's should be at least twice the total number of B's you possess.</p>

<p>Why did start this exact thread three times? That's just annoying and dumb.</p>

<p>Depends what you're getting them in, and is different for each person depending on their background. If you're a star athlete interested in history, mass Bs in math or science won't be as damaging as someone who says they want to be an engineer.</p>

<p>@haha I didn't do it on purpose, chiiiilll</p>

<p>@thealt, renais thanks!</p>

<p>There's no exact number. It depends on the context of your school, the rigor of your courses, and the courses you get B's in in relation to your intended major (or general area of interest).</p>

<p>It's about class rank. If one B puts you below top few percent, which it does at many schools, it could be too many. At other schools, where no one ets a 4.0, you can have many Bs and still be top of class.</p>