getting "B"s?!


<p>I know that many other factors besides grades are taken into account in the college admissions process. However, I am curious about something - does anyone know how many "Bs" as final grades are too many for an elite college? Now, I know there are no quotas or cutoffs or anything, but I was just wondering.</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Entirely dependent on the context of your school.</p>

<p>Hmm... I see. Explain a bit more? :)</p>

<p>It means it varies with what your classmates get. If the best grade in a class @ your school is a B, then, well, a B can be good. But if everyone is getting A's (or rather, the really-overly-intelligent kids are), and you're getting a B, that's not good. It depends. My school rarely gives out A's, so B's on report cards are not bad since the school gives what your rank in school is.</p>

<p>Okay, good to know. How do schools find out if most of the people in a given class received Bs?</p>

<p>^They wouldn't really know but they could probably guess if say you had a class rank of 1 with a 3.7 GPA.</p>

<p>Again, it varies. Getting all B's would be a 3.0 GPA - if the #1 in your high school class has something like a 3.2, then it's indicative that your school grades very harshly and that B's are good. My school sends a sheet along with all college apps that say a 3.7-3.9 GPA is top 10% (no one in my school has ever gotten a perfect), a 3.4-3.699 is top 20%, etc. Don't think your GPA is bad - just compare it with others. Find some of the highest ranked students in your school and see how you compare.</p>

<p>it doesn't just depend on the highest grades in the class...u can be doing a crazy amount of ECs, and really taking advantage of the opportunities provided to you, be in a top flight/challenging school, plus have familial obligations that somewhat disrupt your work and as long as you show that on your app. and still pull off a B-B+ you may have a shot at some elite schools</p>

<p>On a related note to this thread, are 5 B's too much?</p>

<p>The B's are in:
9th Grade - Honors Biology (1st semester)
10th Grade - Honors PreCal (2nd semester)
11th Grade - Honors Physics (both semesters), AP Calc AB (1st semester)</p>

<p>I'm aiming for Columbia, UPENN, Brown, Yale and would like to major in business</p>

<p>oh geeze, you gotta relax kiddo...this college thing is TOTALLY overrated, you're a smart person...u live in the best country in the world with the most hard, take advantage of the opportunities presented to you and you have a very bright future ahead and you'll be laughing at this thread in 20-30 years.</p>