getting blacklisted

<p>I've heard that you can apply to only one school EA. People I've talked have told me that if I apply to more than one school EA, I can get "blacklisted" by both schools, etc. I don't really think this is true (except for maybe with schools that have common apps). Just wondering whether I'd be safe applying to MIT and Caltech EA.</p>

<p>Both MIT and Caltech are "open" EA schools. You can apply to as many open "EA" schools as you want, so you are definitely safe. Schools like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale are single-choice EA, meaning you can only apply to one of them early.</p>

<p>That is correct :). If you apply to one single-choice EA (or ED) school, then you cannot apply anywhere else. Since both MIT and Caltech have open EA policies, you may apply to both whenever you'd like.</p>

<p>I did it. There's no problem with it.</p>