Getting CS electives at UCLA Math in Computation major and UCSD Math-CS major

Anyone have experience with these majors and know how hard it is get CS electives (upper division) since these majors are in the math dept and not CS dept? I always hear how hard it is to get CS classes for non-majors generally, is that true for these specific majors at UCSD and UCLA?

DS is interested in taking more CS classes (than the required amount for major) and has some room (due to credit for APs) but am wondering if it is even possible. I assume you can get the CS classes required for the major but what about electives? UCLA requires 3 upper division CS classes that you choose but are these classes hard to get? If he wants to take more than three, is that possible? UCSD has a statement about “subject to enrollment restrictions”.

Any knowledge about these majors is appreciated. Thanks!

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At UCLA, AP units can not be used for General Education requirements so he might not have as much room as you expect.

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Thanks. I heard from some students who used their AP credits at UCLA so I just assumed some were applicable. Per the chart, doesn’t it look like Calc BC scores can be used for Calc 31a/b? AP English can be used too? And foreign language. I don’t think AP Physics gets anything…

That chart is for GE credit. Here is the math department page.

It looks like you will need 27 courses for your major. If Calc BC eliminates two, you will still need 25 courses for your major plus your GE requirements. Most students take an average of 4 courses/quarter (3 quarters/year).

Edit: Looks like there are 10 GEs, a diversity requirement, foreign language and a writing courses. Some of the courses may (not sure) fulfill more than one category.