Getting Dental Summer experience

I’m going to be a junior at UC Berkeley, and I’m trying to get some dental experience during the summer. The problem is that most internships/volunteering carry over from summer to during the school, or just during the school year and I don’t think I can handle both schoolwork and clinical experience. Right now, I’m thinking about shadowing a dentist and prep for DAT, but I’m trying to find something more immersive in the field. I currently have a 3.36 GPA. Has anyone been in the same predicament as me? If so, how did you handle it?

I would definitely consider shadowing a dentist and studying for the DAT! Sometimes, shadowing a dentist can be really “immersive in the field” - Try shadowing a couple different dentists - some may allow you to become more involved than others…If you find and stick with a dentist that is good about incorporating you/teaching you/maybe letting you help out with procedures - I think you can have a very “immersive” experience! Plus, studying hard for the DAT is a very good use of time and it would be good to commit the summer to that! Feel free to message me with any questions, as I’m applying to dental schools now!