Getting frustrated with teachers

<p>I am applying for transfer admission for the coming Spring semester. The deadline is in October so I was planning on having everything in by September. Well I got in contact with my professors from last semester all the way back in June. Three of them responded and said they would be happy to write a recommendation! I have emailed them 3 times now thanking them, providing additional info, reminding them of the deadline, etc. NOT ONE of them has even started the recommendation form online yet? Should I be worried? I feel like i gave them plenty of notice! It was in June for crying out loud! I am at my wits end and I hate to feel like I am harassing them after already writing them multiple times reminding them that I need it by September 15! Erghhhh.</p>

<p>The teachers can’t even enter workplace in common application. My teachers said this to me. The option will unlock in early September as per common app org.</p>